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Cytomel for depression

My psychiatrist suggested that Cytomel may help some with depression and also with the tiredness and sleepiness I have had for years.I went to internet and read about hypothyroidism and how it often is undiagnosed due to normal blood test. Well I was uneasy about the Cytomel at first but when i saw how many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism I have I wondered if that isn't my problem. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia also and wondered if that has anything to do with the thyroid. Could you shed a little light on this please. Sorry it's so long.
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Your post easily falls into the short post category.  You should see some of the ones that really are long.  LOL

It is true that hypothyroidism is often inadequately tested, and improperly diagnosed and treated.  A good thyroid doctor will treat a hypo patient clinically by testing and adjusting Free T3 and Free T4 as necessary to relieve symptoms.  Symptom relief should be all important, not just test results.  The symptoms that you mention can be associated with hypothyroidism, and also other causes.  I assume there must have been some testing done for your psychiatrist to prescribe thyroid meds, so as a start, please post your thyroid related test results and their reference ranges and members can comment on the adequacy of your testing and treatment so far.    

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what is cytomel i am on levoth and have never realy got on well with it but my doctor says thats all they give am in the uk also have been told that i have fibromyalgia
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cytomel is T3 medication.
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I'd really like to discuss things with you, but rather than hijack this post, how about starting a new thread of your own and posting your latest thyroid related test results and their reference ranges.  Also please tell us about your symptoms.  What is the daily dosage of your Levothyroid?  
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Also in Spain , they just prescribe Levo , T4 , nothing more . Maybe they have another treatment , because are people who really need the T3 .
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Even though they only officially prescribe T4 meds in the UK, there are ways around that.  For example:


After a grueling week by the United Kingdom’s General Medical Council (GMC) , it was decided that the UK’s most renowned thyroid practitioner, Dr. Gordon P. Skinner, should have all his restrictions lifted and his Fitness to Practice restored!

On November 11th, 2007, the GMC had decided that the beloved Dr Gordon Skinner was not fit to practice, simply because in 2005, he dared to listen to and dose by a patient’s clinically-presented thyroid symptoms rather than her TSH labwork–the latter which fell in the erroneous normal range.  Even more dastardly, felt the GMC, Skinner was going to treat the patient without a referral letter from her GP, and may have failed to contact the GP. Heaven Forbid!!

Says a recent statement from TPA-UK:

    The GMC have agreed that Dr Skinner was not acting dangerously in initiating treatment with thyroid hormone replacement for those patients who had normal thyroid function tests but who suffered several symptoms and signs of hypothyroidism. They also agreed that for those patients who did not do well on levothyroxine-only therapy, the use of natural desiccated thyroid extract (i.e. Armour Thyroid) was a safe and effective thyroid hormone replacement that doctors could prescribe, even though it remains unlicensed. This is a precedent - and one that the British Thyroid Association are most definitely very unlikely to be happy with.

I have talked with members in the UK that are able to get a "private prescription" for T3 meds, and pay for them out of their own pocket.  Have you looked really hard for a  doctor that will at least give you a prescription for T3?  We can certainly supply you with enough scientific study data to support the need for T3 when your Free T3 level is low in the range.  Do you think such info might persuade your doctor to allow a trial of T3 med?
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I don´t think so , but there is a possibility on a private clinic . For this I must get all checked there , so the money will flow . First , I must be sure that all I need is the T3 , because I never get a FT3 lab test . The next week I will ask my new doc for , and I hope that will not be any problem . From my experience if the TSH is in his range they don´t care about T4 or , less , T3 .
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