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Cytomel shoulder pain? (and update for Hashis and esophageal motility/ heartburn)

Hi everyone,

Here's my update (I've been in search of a doc who could shed light on my sudden esophageal motility/chest pain issues that coincided with my Hashis diagnosis a couple of months after starting treatment): I made it in to see a good doctor in a bigger city, and my current labs are:

FT3: 2.9 (2.3-4.2)
FT4: 1.3 (.7-1.9)
TSH: 2.8 (.5-5)

He presented me with a research article that proved my hunch that the effects of hypothyroidism are "protean" and can impact the esophagus and manifest in motility issues and heartburn just as it can cause constipation. He started me on 5mcg of generic Cytomel twice a day in addition to my 88mcg of Synthroid. I'm supposed to check back in 6 weeks. I'm very excited to have someone listen, be knowledgeable, and offer to work for a solution, and I wanted to share my experience.

My question, however, is that both yesterday and today I've noticed some discomfort/ aching in my left shoulder/neck area. Is this the Cytomel? Should I be concerned? Do these effects go away (it's day 2)...?

Thank You!

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