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Hi, I have been ill for almost a year now, I have acute tiredness, I am just exausted all the time, I have no energy, I seem to constantly have some bug or another so my immune system is not in gr8 shape. I have constant earache which without my er drops id be in agony, I have lots of headaches and my pms has become so unbearable I dread my periods, I am in alot of pain for 3 days and my moods are just so out of control. To top this of I can't eat much on average 1200 calories or I just pile on weight, my apetite is poor I only eat cos I have to or for comfort, I recently put on a stone in one week after going on the pill to try to stop period pain, my diet only increased slightly. I have been so low and frustrated with this constant tiredness, weight gain and feeling low, my GP said I was depressed but said I needed blood test and to read info before she would treat me. My blood tests came back and my thyroid had a flag on it, the Dr called me and said nothing to worry about it was normal, my level was 5.2, she said another part of the test was abnormal and showed my thyroid was not doing as good a job as it should but to not worry and have another blood test in 3 months. After doing lots of research I am now convinced this is what is causing me all my problems, there is no other explanation for it. I am tired constantly, depressed, no energy, painful periods, cold feet which causes me awful cramps, headaches, random tummy ache or nausea, I also can't seem to maintain my body temp, I hate the cold and am always wrapped up in doors and out, this has only been a problem the last yr b4 this cold never bothered me. Am I just being silly? I am so desperate for an answer so I can get treatment but all my GP sems to do is fob me off which is why I rarely visit unless I am in really bad pain.

I feel so frustrated and desperate for an answer. Any advice or input would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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Did they say your 5.2 was your T4 or TSH count.  If it is your t4 that seems high to me which would mean hyper while your symptoms show hypo.  If it's your TSH that would be on the high side of normal which for some people is just enough to make them feel bad.

For me, my T4 was 1.01 which was in the normal range, however, my TSH was 11 which told my MD that my thyroid was not acting right because my TSH had to produce so much to keep my T4 level normal.

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I am not sure tsh I think,  the Dr just said my thyroid level to me. I have an appointment 2moro and will ask.
I am seeing a different GP so am hoping for more help, there is no other reason for the tiredness, it's so bad I fall asleep sitting up and struggle to keep my eyes open while driving even. Only way I can explain it is how you feel when your eyes are so heavy you just have to go to bed, well I feel like that all day, even waking up I feel like that, never feel like I have slept and my energy is just not there at all and feeling like that constantly you can imagine catching a cold or bug just knocks me for six.

Thank you for replying to me, I appreciate any advice, I just want to know I am not crazy. x
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...have a sleep study done to rule out sleep apneia......I am as tired as you described and understand the constant cold feeling as well. I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, as well as chiari malformation.So my symptoms overlapp.

Good luck to you, and insist on a complete check up!

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Hi, well asked Dr and she said 5.2 was slightly high and was my tsh count. my t4 I think that's what it's called was 14.2. no idea what this means.

Anyway despite telling her all my probs she just prescribed me anti depressants, 20mg citalapram I think it's called!

So guess she knows best and I will just have to hope one tiny pill a day will get rid of all my problems! She said it would take upto 4 weeks to feel any benefit as well, gr8 joy!

I feel like giving up, surly it can't just be depression can it??

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I posted recently with my symptoms of extreme tiredness, weight gain and depression. I now have got a copy of my blood results from my GP and here they are, I live in the UK btw not USA.

serum TSH level     HI    5.2 mu/L    (0.30-5.00)

serum free T4 level      14.7 pmol/L      (9.0-24.0)  SR

Plz can someone help me understand these results??

Thank you so much
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I recently posted my results in search of answers to my constant tiredness, cramps feeling ill etc,

My results were>>   serum TSH level     HI    5.2 mu/L    (0.30-5.00)

                              serum free T4 level      14.7 pmol/L      (9.0-24.0)  SR

As advised I went to see another GP today and he said I am NOT hypo, yet he could give no answer for my symptoms other than depression.
Now I had these symptoms just over a year, I only became depressed the past 6 weeks out of desperation and frustration in feeling so tired and ill. I asked him to check what my TSH was a year ago and guess what it was 2.9 when I was feeling well a year ago but even when pointing this out he looked at me like I was dumb, I told him I had done my research and he told me to beware of places like this and that because my T4 was normal even though my TSH was hi I am def not hypothyroid. He also disputed the fact it was high and said unless my TSH went up to over 10 they would not treat me! Grrrrrr

What do I do?? I live in the UK, I can't see another GP and can only be referred to hospital by my GP who obviously thinks I am just depressed. I am even more so now and feel like giving up, I just want to feel normal, run around with my kids but I am sure at my surgery they now think I am a hypocondriact so I guess on the funny side I am hypo just not in the way in which I was hoping to be diagnosed! Until the problem is found I can't begin treatment. ;o(

Am I hypo or not? Opinions needed plz, I don't wanna make a fool of myself but I have every single symptom and I need answers soon!

Thanks in advance. xx
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