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Daughter is so mean baking cookies

and she KNOWS i cant have any.I tried to go to sleep but the cookie smell just wont leave me alone.It is 9:oo pm cst here Oklahoma.Normally in the hypo state I am in I would be asleep by now.But no I WANT COOKIE!!!!I want junk food!!!And get this, daughter had the nerve to ask me If I wanted to help her bake the cookies.Of course I said no,like I want to cook ANYWAY.
Note to self."SELF do not do rai thing in future at holiday time.
Will do this next time in summer when self does not feel like cooking,or eating."
Note to others contemplating RAI.Wait till after holidays to do RaI.Do it in March unless Green Beer has red dye#3then skip forward to May.Ok Ok Is there a good time to do this.NO!!!!!!
Yes I took my bi polar pills tonite.Am I feeling better? ...sorta....istillwannacookie but not as bad.Gonna go eat something healthy she says with disdain.
So to all of you who possibly read this to end of this diatribe,I say good nite and see you tomorrow.
Dangit I still have 600 characters left.Well I will save that for another post.
Love Venora
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Honey - I *KNOW* exactly what you mean!!!  Hang tough - your RAI is soon and you don't want to drag this out any longer.  Raw, unsalted almonds cured my cravings for most sweets and (fresh) blueberries killed my chocolate cravings.  Try them!!!  Wine is okay on the diet too and that wonderful little bipolar pill is definitely okay!!

Hang tough and I agree with you - TRY TO AVOID RAI DURING THE HOLIDAYS!!
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, yeah that must be pretty painful (RAI during the holiday season). Hang in there and hopefully you won't have to do this ever again. Get some rest, that's an order, lol.
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why can't you have cookies? is there lots of iodine in a cookie?
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Eggs and butter eric.lol
I was reading through what I wrote the other nite and I hope yall realize I was whining in fun.That was my way of getting through a rough nite.
Love Venora
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there are online recipes of low fat cookies like oatmeal that are made with oil and you can use egg whites. They do call for salt and baking soda though but you can use salt without iodine but I don't know if baking soda has it in it.
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i did not have eggs and butter in my list of foods to avoid although i didin't have much of those for health reasons. I didin't really have an appetite for anything when i was hypo. My jaw gets sore when i bite too much.

My list of foods to avoid was all types of seafood, seaweed, spirulina, cabbage, jelly. Perhaps asian and western diets are very different.
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