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Dead End Again???

Hi... I haven't been on in quite sometime. I had a TT in March 07. I have been on Synthroid/Cytomel for over a year now. Was on Armour prior to this. We all know what happend to Armour and I was not converting properly on the Armour. Well.. Now I feel like I am slowly going backwards. Headaches, tummy/side pain, irregular periods, horrible moodiness.. I just call it pure meanness at times., lightheaded or off balance feeling, sinus pressure.. vice like feeling. Having it now as we speak. Some nausea at times too. Honestly, I am too dang tired to be experimenting with new drugs. I have two little girls, a house to run and life to try to keep up with. I was doing well with this at first. When I have my labs done, my Doc says everything looks good and actually,  says I'm a little HYPER. But says this is where I need to be without a thyroid. Just feeling lost again. This is going to be a neverending battle. I can't even imagine how this is going to play itself out when I hit menapause. Really scary. The one thing that I have notice that has disappeared is my heart palps.. knock on wood.  Thanks for listening.

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Have Bain test your RBC magnesium
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xoxoxoxo - thinking of you. :)
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Heh MK!  What were your most recent lab results??? I was looking forward to you letting me know...lol  
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Hi ,

Did your doc check your Vitamin D and WELCOME BACK, but so sorry under these circumstances.  I have a severe Vit D deficiency that is now ok with supplements (scripted mega dosing).

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Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay response. @ Nik, my mag is looking good. On supplements everyday.. @ Laura, Ill post my last numbers and getting new labs next week. Vitamni D is good! I was feeling great for awhile. Been stressed. My oldest, gianna, she is having some health issues. Fevers monthly, nose bleeds, her joints ache. So bIm dealing with that and trying to get her some help. Nik, Bain will look at her as soon as I have a diagnosis from a Peds Specialist. Miss you all and the forum sooo much! Its good to be back! xoxoxo
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I can totally relate to what you're feeling. Had TT in 09.  I feel better but I always have those days where I just don't feel right. I still blame everything on not having a thyroid :)  I too have small children to keep up with and can't get too down. Sounds like you're going thru a lot right now and maybe it's due to stress. Stress does a number on our body too. Best wishes!
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