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Depressed - need help

I have Hashi's and am experiencing hypo symptoms (cold all the time, depressed, fatigue, moodiness, short tempered, peripheral neuropathies, hair loss, etc).

I have gone through 6 doctors in the past couple of months and no one is listening.  I'm in "normal range" so no one will increase my dosage, even though my symptoms are getting worse each week.  The depression and moodiness/temper is the scary part.  I have three kids at home with me (2, 5 and 7)....and if you have kids you know that on a normal day, they can test your patience.  Well, factor in fatigue and depression and I really don't know what to do.  I have had to lock myself in a room this week because I was afraid that I would do something to them.  My anger and yelling at them scared me so much that I was really afraid that I might hit them or something.  So I literally locked myself in a room, cried and just shook.

I can't take the rejection of seeing another doctor and having them tell me nothing is wrong.  Each time I do that, I just feel worse and worse.  I feel like I'm in a downward spiral and will soon lose control.  I have an appointment with an endo (from the Top Thyroid Dr list) but it isn't until AUGUST.  I called my current endo (who refuses to test my FT3....if that tells you anything) and explained that I'm afraid of hurting my kids and that I need to be seen ASAP.  Guess what they said?  We can get you in June 13th.  Great, thanks.  In the meantime, I will hurt my kids, fall asleep behind the wheel from fatigue...  Why won't anyone listen!?!

I don't expect anyone to have any answers for me.  I just wanted to vent here, where I KNOW people listen.  Thanks for being here :)
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I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so bad.

Have you tried pre-interviewing doctors over the phone before making an appointment?  Just asking a couple of simple questions can weed out some of the bad ones:

1)  Which tests do you customarily order for your thyroid patients?  (You want FT3, FT4 and TSH.)

2) Which meds are you open to using for your hypo patients?  (T4, synthetic T3/T4 combos, dessicated?)

This will at least give you an idea of which doctors are a total waste of time.

Have you considered having FT3 tested by an online lab (no doctor's order required)?
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I found a PCP that did the FT3 for me (although she wouldn't repeat the TSH and FT4 since I had them done the week prior).  It wasn't that bad - 3.0 (2.0 - 4.4).  I gave the endo my result and they were rather smug about it - saying it was in the normal range....with a very "I told you so" tone.

I don't care that I'm in "normal ranges" I just want help.

Like I said, I found a doctor that will treat me....I just have to wait until August.
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Well, 3.0 isn't terrible, but it's still lower than midrange, and many people have to be in the upper half, or even the upper third, before their symptoms go away.  

Don't you love that smug attitude?  

Are you on a wait list for cancellations with your new doctor?  They might be able to fit you in sooner if they have appointments to fill and you let them know how anxious you are to see him.  
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Well when she told me August and I started to immediately cry on the phone, she offered the waiting list.  lol  I'll just keep my fingers crossed until then...
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