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I read a journal on depression with thyroid issues ealier today. It really bothered me.  I cried.

I wanted to look past my recent nodule Dx and go back to what I think I need to do to get past this. I thought I would like to make my comment public - I hope all of you don't think weird of me - but I want all of us in support of each other.

OK-- see below: ........................

Anyone who feels unhealthy for soooooooooo long like thyroid patients, gets depressed. I suffered and maybe still do a little depression of not being "well" What a crummy road we are on!

I hate to sound like a cheeleader - but for all of us. "IT" has made US better AND stronger people to get sick!  

It is a tough road - but our values have changed  ..... right? We become educated and able to decifer good information and not so good. We find the courage to put the medical field or anyone for that matter in it's place when absolutely necessary and defend what we believe. We appreciate the simplier things and toss out the attitude of keeping up the the Jones'  Our friends become something we appreciate in a different way and we are more cautious on who we trust. We realize the importance of unconditional love . We also fall in reality that we are not invinceable and that scares us half to death. Tell me we are not better people now?

We can move past depression but it takes work. Go back to your roots and remember your self as a child. Happy just to get up in the morning and play or whatever. .... Happy without cause.  As adults, we can improvise that theory into our daily routine - we just have to find it in our own way and do it! Regardless how we feel.  We are smarter now and that is a good thing - appreciate it.

Most importantly - everyone of us have meet another here that can relate to US!! What a perfect circle if you think about it.  It is a true gift that we are all here together. I am thankful.

We all need a lift lately.

Better days are ahead. Let's make them.
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What a great post!

I have sevral thoughts, so this gives me a reason to blather on for pages!

When I first developed thyroid problems, I had some trouble with mild depression. The doctor I was seeing at that time gave me a sample pack of anti'depressants, and told me if I liked them he would write me a scrip.

After I went home and read about all the side affects, I decided I could live with a little mopyness, and told him I wasn't interested in anti-depressants.

As my disease worsened, it got out of control and I ended up sitting home for several months unable to work.

When that happened I started have severe depression for two reasons. I had "situational depression", because sitting at home too sick to work was very depressing, and I also had a chemical imbalance that caused "clinical depression".

I saw a shrink the other day, by the way. When we started talking about depression, he told me "clinical depression" was no longer in vogue, and they were calling it something more upbeat now. LOL!! He also told me if I wasn't depressed about what life was dealing me, he would question my sanity. :)

You are right about adversity making one stronger. I had never been truly ill a day in my life untill I developed thyroid problems. Working through my difficulties the past few years has been a real learning experience.

My attitudes and values have changed drasticly. I have more empathy for others now, as I understand what it is like to be ill for long periods of time.

My values have changed a lot. I thank God for any day I can get out of bed. Being able to shower is a bonus!

I was never huge on "keeping up with the Joneses", but now I care even less. Family matters more than it used to, and I have a very thorough understanding of the concept that we should all enjoy every day we are given and live it as if it may be our last.

Because it may be our last. That is not true for just us, it is true for any person. But the point has been driven home to me in spades.

I have also been shown how blessed I am to have such good friends in my home town. When the chips were down they came through for me in ways I never expected.

The people I have met on various boards have been a huge help, and I have formed friendships with people I probably will never meet, but the friendship is real, and it has been a blessing.

I wish I had not become ill. Oh how I wish I had my thirty year old body back.

But this experience has caused me to grow, and I have received many blessings because of it, and I am thankful for that.

I'm not scared of needles anymore, either. LOL!!  
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  Seriously You guys almost made me cry. Great posts.  We need more positive post or should I say realization post on here sometimes.  Makes you think and bring you back to reality.  Thanks guys.  Jessi
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Thanks Jessie - I hope more read this.
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Hi Stella,
This is the most positive post I have read on this forum.  I stumbled on to the forum when I was diagnosed with Hashi's and at my lowest but soon realized I had a much better deal than so many others.  

I am improving steadily now & went for a five hour walk last weekend in the sunshine at the beach and the whole time kept thinking how damn great it was to be there and how damn great to be actually able to work for five hours  (not that  long since I stuggled to get out of bed).

You guys are so right - we become different people after a long period of illness and I know I am a better person.  (I am pretty sure I know how old age will be if I make it!)

When I was told I had this condition I went home and cried because for the first time in 10 years someone had listened to me & understood it wasn't 'in my head' and I had made it without it beating me!

it seems to me that strength is somehow born from weakness and we can only understand joy by knowing pain.

Cheers to all of you

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We need to all be together. Spread the word to have people read it and report it. My intent is to gather as many stories possible and get some awareness out there on the research we need.

Thank you for your post.
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I worked 7 hours today!! That is the longest I have worked in 19 months. I used to complain when I had to work a weekend- no longer. I am  so glad I can do it and feel normal once again.
I have been undiagnosed since at least 1994 and I now have a wonderful thyroid specialist who is also looking into other things that may be going on with my health- namely adrenal dysfunction and possible untreated CNS Lyme disease.
He feels something else may be going on with the hypo. No doctors have taken the time to look further than their original tests.
I have cried a lot over the past 19 months because no doctors could find the answer to my problems. I had given up hope that I could ever feel well again.
A former member here put me in touch with this new endo and I feel so much hope now!!
I am grateful.

Thank you stella for starting this thread!!
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