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For more than a year, I have been suffering from non-epileptic seizures, I have a 1.1cm echoic nodule on the left side of my thyroid, and I have extreme vitamin D deficiency.  Clear CAT scan, and MRI showed one lesion on the left side (doctor was not concerned, said most people have these.  After one four day stint in the hospital for video EEG monitoring, my neuro diagnosed me with left temporal lobe epilepsy.  While I did not have an actual seizure while I was there, he said he saw build-ups and felt he had enough information to make that diagnosis.  I went home and began having the seizures even while taking Lamictal.  He sent me back for another video EEG, reversed his epilepsy diagnosis and sent me to a psychiatrist. Never got a straight answer from him on how I could have build ups and then not.   For six months, I was treated by the psychiatrist with Klonoprin at first and then Pristiq for a conversion disorder, something that made absolutely no sense to me.  I have no history of depression, I am happily married (30 years), grew up in a happy home, have never been abused, experienced no extreme trauma.  After six months of cognitive behavior therapy and HORRIBLE medication side effects, my therapist said I could continue if I wanted, but she felt there was no real need for me to continue.  I did gain a lot from those sessions, but just general information that would benefit all of us from time to time.  I weaned myself off of all medications because the diagnosis was ridiculous and the side effects were terrible.  There was no change in the frequency of my seizures.  I still have one to three per month.  My seizures seem to be related to hormone fluctuations.  I have them most often during or around my period.  I am currently trying bioidentical progesterone therapy, but I don't see much change yet (only on it three weeks).  That doctor is the one who found my thyroid lesion and also of worthy of mention, she had a difficult time getting a reflex response in my right knee.  It finally showed a very small reaction while my left side reacted in a normal was.  I saw an endocrinologist in April, but he did not pick up on the enlarged gland or reflex issue, and my blood work all came back fine with the exception of a vitamin D deficiency.  My new doctor repeated blood work, but I don't have those results yet.  I did have the thyroid scanned, and as I said above, I have a 1.1cm echoic nodule.  Waiting for marching orders on that.  I guess my question is, is there a disorder that has all three of these symptoms -- seizures, thyroid nodule, vitamin d deficiency.  Other possibly unrelated issues -- can't find words, can't spell anymore, spells of muscle aches and extreme exhaustion, alternating freezing cold and extreme hot flashes, also occuring in occasional spells.  I list all those as possibly unrelated issues because I know a lot of 50 year old women have those symptoms related to perimenopause/menopause. I am tired of living on egg shells wondering when I will seize next.  Doctor's won't listen once they hear that someone else diagnosed a conversion disorder.  I can see the switch turn off.  Maybe I have symptoms of that, but the history doesn't support it.  Even my therapist agreed.
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Please post your thyroid test results and their reference ranges shown on the lab report.  
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