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Despression and Anxiety

I have been depressed since early 20's and have taken many forms of anitdepressants.  I always end up quitting them because of the sexual side effects.  Then I will spiral down again and start taking them again.  When I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism I started having "panic attacks".  Now I am HYPOthyroid as a result of RAI treatment.  In my present state I am still depressed AND have anxiety.  It's not just like the panic attacks, no heart racing and quick breathing, but I get sick to my stomach, vomit, diarrhea, headaches for days.  I know I need medication but anything that treats the depression with seratonin elivators will have the side effects I don't want.  I'm taking Wellbutrin now and it does not have that side effect.  BUT...for the anxiety I'm on Cymbalta and it does have the sexual side effects. Does anyone know how to treat these two DISTURBANCES without the negative effects?  There are so many people I read about that have Graves and are also depressed and anxious surely someone knows what to do.
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I am somewhat familiar with what you are going through as I am throidless and bi polar.
I will share with you what I have learned in the past 2 years since becoming this way
head meds work differently for different people and some time it takes going through many of them to get the right "cocktail" as we call it over at the bi polar board.
I myself have been on many head meds till I got on the combo of celexa (for the depression side) and zyprexa (mood stabilizer for the manic side) In bi polar if you take one without the other,antidepressant or mood stabilizer it will tip you in the opposite direction.
In your case the anitdepressants you are on, you are obviously un happy with them
And it will probably take some tweaking of you thyroid med to get the dosage just right.
If it were me ,I would concnetrate on getting the Thyroid med dose right and see how well that helps the depression.When I was in hypohell for my first RAI I nearly gave up with the severe depression I went into inspite of my head meds. My family ,Utahmomma and chitchat nine pulled me through that. Then you can see how much antidepressant and or anxiety med you need to be on.My expereince has taught me to rule out the physical causes then see about the psycological causes.
Visit the depression and anxiety forums too here on medhelp. There is a wonderful group of peple over there that can help too.
Just message me if I can help  more.
Love Venora
Of course it is up to you and I am only sharing  my expereince. Talk everything over with your docs before taking a plan of action and see what works best for you.
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Thank you for responding.  I am amazed that there are people out there like you that care at all about a complete stranger writing a note on the web.  I admire you.

I have had stable TSH results, in the normal range, for a few years.  I take 137 mcg of Levoxyl and I'm not losing my hair or having heart palpatations.  That seems OK to me and my doctor.  I'm not sure the depression is related at all.  It runs in my family big time.  The wellbutrin helps with depression and if I could find the right anxiety drug (one that didn't have the sexual side effects) to add to the wellbutrin I fantacize that I will feel wonderful and happy.  I don't know what a good anti anxiety drug is though.

I find it interesting that you are bi polar.  I just thought I was depressed but the last two psychiatrists that I have seen mention bipolar.  The only reason I don't really go along with it is the Manic thing.  I experience happy times but they are not really manic.  The depressive side is WAY more exagerated.  When I took Lamictal my fiance said I was very "dark".  I'm going to keep looking into this though.

If you know of an anti anxiety that sounds like it mike help I would appreciate you letting me know.  

Take Care and please let me know if I might perhaps be of some comfort to you sometime.



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