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Did anyone see the mystery diagnosis with hashi's?

I was watching last night and this lady had all my symptoms and at the end after a ton of doctors she has hashimoto's . One of her symptoms was chronic headaches and severe knew pain where she could barely walk and nothing helped the headaches. After they put her on synthroid she went back to normal. I wish it was that simple. I have been on meds now levo and cytomel for over a year and am still suffering from daily headaches. Does anyone else still have the headaches everyday. I also have joint pain and other symptoms. I am on ultram (tramadol) everyday and it is the only thing that will make the headaches subside but I still have eye pain. I have an appt with a neurologist Tuesday so I am hoping he will find out why I still have these headaches. Any input would be appreciated.
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No, I didn't see the mystery diagnosis. I wish I would have seen it! Sounds like me for six years struggling with symptoms and NO thyroid bloodwork until the ladies on this wonderful forum told me which labs to request.  

Have you seen this article?

Also, many of us Hashis are vitamin deficient. Have you had your D and B12 checked?

When my D was low, I felt like I was dying. Pain everywhere! Migraines were awful.

My body reacts to the pills. Pure sunshine is the only thing that works for me. I guess I need to buy a sunlamp now that winter is coming.

:) Tamra
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Also, please post your FT3, FT4, TSH and the current level of your meds. Could it be that you're not on enough?

Selenium once daily helps with  the swelling/goiter. When my goiter feels worse, my eyes hurt, too.

:) Tamra
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are you getting the bloodwork....testing the free's? having so many symptoms after a year could mean you're undertreated. did you have headaches before you had the dx of hashi's? i', undertreated and still have a lot of things going on, i have the knee pain, and muscles , joints feel pretty stiff, lots of hairloss still happening. so i'm going to a new dr next month, cause i know my ft3 is too low, even after more than 3 yrs on Levothyroxone. i don't get the headaches, but i've seen other here that do..if you're getting enough THR you really shouldn't be having these hashi related symptoms, just a thought, but i would make sure that your t4free and t3free are in the upper end of the ranges.
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I am on 150 mg of levothyroxine and 20mg of cytomel. When I went to my endo last week he said my T3 and T4's were up on the higher end of normal that he might reduce my dosage but he was going to wait for my next blood work to come in. I was on natur-throid but when they had the shortage I had to switch to levyothyroxine. My TSH is still .00 because that's what it was was on was on the naturthroid. I had the headaches before being daignosed with hashi's. I had sinus surgery went to a neurologist has cat scan AND mRI'S. I had so much testing and they could find nothing. Until one day my nurse practioner asked if my thyroid had been checked so they ran the test for the antibodies and sure enough mine was 1,000. I thought thank god they found out what's wrong with me. I started on Armour in the very beginning and started to feel a lot better. But slowly the headaches were coming back and now I am back to having them every day especially with the eye pain. Like I said in my post I have to take Ultram daily and hyrdrocodone if I still get one. My endo thinks that it is something else causing the headaches now because I have been medicated over a year and still have the headaches and joint pain.
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Like stated above, were all different. I imagine that most people that are finally sympym free dont use this web site, they hold valuable information that others would like to here.

I had bad headaches from cytomel itself, switched to dessicated, no more headaches, but that just me.

As far as joint & muscle pain, dessicated relived 80-90% for me. How to make the rest go away remains a mystery for me. I tried every supplement. I just do trigger point release on the remaining aches when needed - daily. I think the speed at which remaining pains go away has to do with how long you had the pain.

Severe muscle tightness over the years can cause mechanical damage to the body's structure. Damage is hard to reverse. My worst parts are my left foot, right- hip/ back/gluts and wrists. I have learned how to make the tightness go away but not stay away - not yet anyhow. At least (thanks to dessicated for 8 months) I can work out at the gym and I am getting stronger again at 42.
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