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Did your doctor explain to you why you had thyroid cancer?

A second doctor  that saw explained to me that mercury fillings is a possiblilty.
I'm thinking why mercury fillings, aren't they supposed to be pretty safe as they last longer than composite fillings
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ive heard the same thing.alot of people i know are actually having them removed.Mercury is very bad once it gets into your system.I have a couple myself and have wondered if that was the cause of mine.Many studies now are also linking root canals to certain types of breast cancer in women.
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Yeah I am wondering if the same thing happened to me. Perhaps my dentist wasn't careful enough when he replaced a mercury filling with a composite about a year ago.
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FYI...My doctor told me as well as reading in the Thyroid Diet book by Mary Shoman (??spelling) that flouride can cause damage to your thyroid...not necessarily cancer but it can cause problems.  

just thought I would pass this on.
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I have a mouthful of mercury fillings ... I had 2 replaced with composite last year and guess what .. I ended up with those having to be root canaled so I said no way to the rest coming out .. but one does wonder about the mercury connection ... I had/have a mouthful!!!!!!!

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