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Discontinue Thyroid Medication

I'm 60  and had my right thyroid removed 13 years ago. Will it EVER be possible to get off thyroid meds? Curerntly take Armour 45 mg. I've had insomnia and neck problems for over 12 years and wonder if there is a medication connection. (I previously took  Synthroid 125 mg with same symtoms.)
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Going from 125 mcg of Synthroid to only 45 mgs of Armour is a big jump down. You are probably very hypo at this point. How long ago did you have your labs done? What were they with ranges please? Did you have free t3 and free t4 done with your tsh?  You have to be treated by your free's not your tsh.
Also with Armours recent reformulation, most patients are having a hard time on it with symptoms returning.
No you will not be able to get off thyroid meds, most likely if you had your rt lobe of thyroid removed, you will always need some replacement.
Were you ever checked for thyroid autoimmune disease?
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Hi, I'm at it for only 2yrs now .. but rt. thyroid removed and left side never worked properly ever since.  The good news ... supression helps lessen the chance of cancer recurrence in the other lobe.  

I agree with Laura, above ... good advice

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I also had my thryoid destroyed (by radioactive iodine - bad decision - do you know they don't do that anymore - oops) and have never been successful in regulating the dose of synthroid (which is all the HMOs will provide) actually levo.  Finally, 14 years later I went outside my  HMO at my own expense (I realize not everyone can afford t his but I could no longer afford to feel like I was 100 (I'm 60) and realized I'd rather be poor then live another 25 years like this.  She is a wonder anti-aging bio-identifical specialist about my age who believe in listening to symptons, not lab normal ranges.  Although right now I'm not feelin well because we are playing with the dosage of cytolmel (T3) and synthroid, I know this is the way to go.  If you are able to use a outside endo or specialist andneed help finding one, respond on this list to me and I will tell you  how I found several. Good luck.
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Thanks for your post.  I'm ok taking Armour and like the fact is has both T3 and T4.  Good luch with your new thyroid meds.
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My family has discontinued my thyroid medications without a physician's advise,what should I do?
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I suppose that depends on your situation Why does your family have control over your medications, and why did they make that medical decision without advise? Are they your caretakers because you are a minor or an elderly person? You are probably aware that this in not a good situation, and whether or not you get symptoms your body functions will suffer if your thyroid is not functioning properly. Give us the particulars of your situation and we can make some suggestions as to what you should do.
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Why has your family taken it upon themselves to discontinue your thyroid medication?  
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