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Do I need surgery anyway? Please share your opinion

I was wondering if someone could read my ultrasound report and give me your thoughts

Right lobe enlarged, measures 2.6*2.3*3.9 cm. Shows mixed echoic nodule measuring 2.5*1.7*2.7cm with cystic changes, shows intra nodular vascularity and punctuate calcification.
left lobe measures 1.5*0.89*2.9 cm. Multiple mixed echoic nodules noted (1) 4.3mm, (2) 5.8mm, with grade 1 vasularity on color doppler.
Isthmus measures 1.8*0.19 cm shows hypoechoic nodule with diameter 4.7mm grade 0 vascularity on color doppler.
cartoid and jugg

I had FNA done on that nodule .
Impression : nodular colloid goiter
Surgeon suggested that complete thyroidectomy

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What did the FNA indicate?  The calcification and intra nodular vascularity (blood flow) makes cancer somewhat more likely, but not definite unless the FNA came back positive.

Have you had thyroid function tests done?  Those would include Free T3, Free T4 and TSH...

Total thyroidectomy would leave you permanently hypo and dependent on replacement thyroid hormones for life, but that's not so bad.  Many of us who have Hashimoto's are dependent on replacement thyroid hormones... it's, typically, a pill in the morning before you eat/drink anything else, then you're good to go for the day.

If you have results for thyroid function tests, please post them, along with the reference ranges from your lab report.
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