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Do you drink?

I typically drink very seldom and not much when I do. Well with the socializing over Thanksgiving weekend I had five drinks (four beers) and I was an emotional wreck for a few days. I wondered if it had anything to do with the thyroid issues. Has anyone experienced this?

So the question is, do you drink?  Feel free to leave comments about what happens.
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I do drink. . .not everyday,mostly on weekends, but I do go out with friends and as a matter of fact am having a glass of wine now.  
I find that it doesn't really affect me any differently than it did before my TT.

(I don't drink hard liquor. . .just wine or beer)
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I drink occasionally, But when I have enough energy to do so:)
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For the first 6mos I was very sensitive to any alcohol on Synthroid and then it leveled off.  

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I drink occasionally & prefer to have a few rather than alot. I partied like there was no tomorrow in my 20s & couldn't tolerate alcohol now like I used to back then - but I think that comes with age, abstinence & a healthier lifestyle, rather than my thyroid or medications. I've been an early morning shift worker for the past 11.5 years & for the last 4 years I've been a sole parent with a young child - so I'm too tired to drink most nights!!!!!  
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I too am not at all the drinking I used to be.

I can't answer your poll - I would need to check off 3 of the topics.

Very seldom and not much  - This would be me.
Yes, doesn't both me at all  - At times it doesn't bother me at all
No, symptoms get worse  - This happens too at times for me.

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I go out weekends and would have a good few. But since I got ill I av only bn out once and dat was for my boyfriends 21st! Drank a bit more dan I would usually and suffered big time the nx day, Iv decided Im off the drink (except for special ocasions) Until I get sorted. I want to give the meds the best chance to wrk!
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