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Do you think this sounds like a thyroid problem?

Since September last year i have had recurring bouts of sore and swollen lymph nodes in my neck. They would be up and sore for around 2 to 3 weeks and then subside again. 3 weeks ago now I got another "attack" but this time I am really suffering. Not only are the glands in my neck really sore but also now under my jaw, behind my head, under arms and groin. The pain can extend into my ears like an ear ache. I also have a come again, go again headache behind the right eye. Sometimes my eyes are itchy, sometimes my skin is itchy. I have joint pain that moves around, muscle pain and this wierd bone pain. One day I wake up with a sore spot on my shin bone just under my knee which stays for two days and then one day I wake up and its like i have sprained my ankle and I can hardly walk. My thyroid feels sore and hard and also I can feel something that seems to be on the inside of my thyroid in my throat. Sometimes this feels like a small lump and it can often feel like it is on open burning ulcer type thing. Again this comes and goes. I have had tests for mono, ross river, toxo, and I think about 2 months ago a thyroid test but I dont know what type of test it was, anyhow apparantly it didnt show anything. I generally feel unwell and I am getting depressed, not able to concentrate and my body shape appears to be changing slightly, putting on fat around the waist, although my weight really hasnt changed. I am 48 years old. Sometimes my mouth is dry, sometimes I seem to have excess saliva,sometimes my mouth, gums, and teeth are sore. Does this soound like thyroid? help please
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Sorry you're having so many symptoms that sound painful.  So hard to say what's going on.  Could be thyroid but could be so many other things too.  Some of what you describe is what I had when I had mono - but since that's been ruled out...  Also, (and I'm not meaning to hit a panic button here) looking back after going through parathryoid disease, some of what I used to go through and blew off was the bone and muscle symptoms you describe.  But again, even those symptoms are similar to other med issues.

I'd try to see either an endo or a good ENT.

Hope you get more feedback.  Good luck.
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