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Doctor recommendation in Los Angeles ?

I have seen 5 endocrinologists who all refuse to believe the symptoms that are right in front of their eyes and get upset that my TSH is below normal even though my FREE T4 is in the lower end of the range and FREE T3 is inconsistent and has been measured AFTER I have taken Cytomel, so the results are questionable. My PCP has tried to help me, and has seen enough of the physical changes I go through to believe there's a hypo problem, but has reached the end of her ability to help me balance FREE T4 and T3 through medication. I take both generic T4 and Cytomel, and have a multi-nodular thyroid that has shrunk with medication. Currently much of my hair has fallen out and I am gaining weight for no reason (15 lbs. in 3 weeks) amongst the return of other symptoms. IF anyone has a doctor or endocrinologist in Los Angeles whom they like, I would very much appreciate a referral. I have Blue Cross PPO insurance. Please leave me a note on my profile page if you can recommend someone who will treat for symptoms and the FREEs, and thank you so much for any assistance you can give. I have been trying to deal with this since 2004, at least./ artfemme.
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What has your body temp been running?  If low consistantly, please look at my post for Wilsons Syndrome ans see if any of that sounds similiar.
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Dear pat,

Thanks for answering. My body temp is 97.2 or so, can drop as low as 96.1. I investigated Wilson's Syndrome last year, read everything I could find and came away not a true believer. But I do think the low temp. is thyroid related and that I'm under-medicated no matter what they say. I can't keep fighting w/ these doctors and it's too scary to feel like I'm being my own endo, instead of the partner in health with someone knowledgeable.

That's why I'm asking if ANYBODY has a doctor in L.A. that they like.

Thanks again.
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I understand.  I was like you too.

Please read one of my many posts today as I have been defending my treatment to people who have not even been in my situation, yet are armchair physicans. In my last post I expxlained my doseage and protocol in detail.  

Maybe it can give some insight from someone who has been there and done that!

Good luck to you!!
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Dear pat,

I'm sorry you've felt attacked, not a good feeling. And I'm very glad the T3 has helped you. It does seem that you've not had to take very much for it to make a big difference for you. As others said, it would be interesting to see your FREE levels.

Like you, I don't want to put my whole story in every post, feeling that others have read about it previously. Unfortunately, that can cause misunderstandings sometimes.

Like you, I didn't start to get better until T3 was added to T4. It had an immediate beneficial effect, amongst which was a cessation of depression and panic attacks and the loss, in 3 weeks, of 15 lbs. w/ out a change in diet or exercise. I also stopped feeling cold all of the time. Unfortunately I had a set-back, cause unknown, and am struggling with getting back on the beam. Thanks for your concern and I hope you continue to feel really well.  
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I am being asked to select a best answer, but no one had a recommendation.
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