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Does Hashimoto's Disease cause the EBV virus to resurface?

I am 33 years old and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease a year and a half ago.  I have been taking 150m/c of synthroid daily with great success.  However, about 3 weeks ago, I returned to work after a 3 month leave of absence from giving birth to my third child.  I had a very mild cold during that first week and thought I was having hot flashes.  I would wake in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat and get really hot then cold during the day.  I finally took my temperature and started paying closer attention to the spells of hot/cold.  Turns out, I was running a low-grade fever - daily.  This continued for 3 weeks.  I finally went to the doctor and he has diagnosed me with mono after doing the mono test and a full panel blood work.  I have been feeling tired,  but then again, I just returned to work, have a teen-age son in football, a 20month old and a 4 month old.  I figured I had good reasons to be tired :-)  I had a severe case of mono in highschool and thought that it wouldn't flare up again.  I am getting mis-information on the internet - some say you can get it again, some say you can't. Other than the fever and the fatigue at the end of the day, I have no other symptoms.  
My question is - is it possible that the symptoms and tiredness are not going to get any worse?  Because right now, I can function - I'm tired, yes - but functioning.  When I had mono in high school, I couldn't function for at least a week.  I'm worried that the bulk of the illness hasn't started yet.
I'm also beginning to wonder if there is a link between the two diseases (mono and Hashimoto's)

Any insight would be appreciated.
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There is a link and it is directly related to the immune system. I feel Laura1967 - the other Co Leader here can certainly shed better light on this with personal experience than I can and her daughter also just was Dx'd with EBV

Please allow her to post here along with others that have thoughts and if you don't see here post - please message her directly.

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Hi there....I too had EBV and mono as a child. I then was reactivated 6 years ago and then was diagnosed with Hashi's after that.
The New England Journal of medicince has proved EBV as one of the causative factors of Hashimoto's.
A good timeline for how long it takes EBV to burn out is approx 7 yrs my endo said, from each activation. Some it takes longer....and some sooner.
Some people are lucky that thye never ever have a relapse.....others of us not so lucky.
My daughter was also activated EBV 2 yrs ago......3 months ago she was started on thyroid meds. Just coincedence???? No way.  
I hope you feel better soon, but there is absolutley no rushing it....get plenty of rest and take your vitamins/minerals and eat well and healthy. Do whatever you can to support your immune system.  :)
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