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Does anyone get muscle twitches ?

Just wondering if anyone has muscle twitches as a symptom of hyper or hypo.  I get them in legs and arms ,buttocks and sometimes rib area....

Just curious LJ39
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I get eyelid twitches something fierce.  Usually just one eye at a time, but it can go on for days.  More irritating than alarming.

Might not be a bad thing to get your ferritin and vit Bs checked, as deficiencies of these nutrients can also cause muscle twitching.
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Thank's for your response.   I get twitches in my eyelids also,but just wondering if anyone experienced twitches throughout body ,due to thyroid problems.  I have had all vit 's checked and are all normal.  I am on anti anxiety drug for neuropathies and it might be side effect from the drug,just not sure.

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I suspect that muscle twitching not only is a symptom of a thyroid problem, I suspect it is more common than endocrinologists realize. Yes, I have had muscle twitching, sometimes fierce twitching, that I am sure was caused by my hypothyroidism. I am sure of it because of the way it co-occurred with other--more typical--symptoms of hypothyroidism and by the way it has disappeared as my thyroid problem has been brought under control.

Moving beyond just my experience, I have been impressed with how often I have seen someone at this forum mention muscle twitching. It is frustratingly difficult to know whether a symptom is or is not a side effect of a drug, but it seems as if your thyroid problem is at least a good possibility as the cause of your twitches.
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I've been off my ATD (methimazole) for about a five weeks and have been dealing with fierce twitching all over ... and myoclonic jerks when trying to fall asleep. I also have burning sensations throughout my extremites, facial numbness, tingling and back pain (between my shoulder blades).

I am overwhelmed. My nuerologist doesn't take me seriously because my brain MRI came back clean (I have an EMG scheduled in 10 days). I am not sleeping at all. I have two endos who insisit it is not my thyroid because my blood work comes back normal. The nuero says if the EMG is good then it is probably my thyroid???

I'm at a complete loss and feel like I am losing my mind. I also started getting hot flashes at night. It's not menopause .. I'm only 41.
I know it been over ten years. But how are you feeling. Having the same issues.
I have had muscle twitches when slightly hypothyroid.  Increasing my T3 med dosage took care of it.  

Have you been diagnosed hypothyroid?  If so, what are your thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report?
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Yes, I get muscle twitches, mainly in my buttocks.  I'm on 150 mcgs levothyroxine for cancer suppression...don't know if that's the cause.
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Yes I have had them also, also can actually sit there and see a nerve move here and there on my body. Also do any of you get problems in the mouth area to if so please explain. I get like skin peeling in my mouth and a friend of mine works for a oral surgeon and she said it is prolly my thyroid because it is a autoimmune problem.
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Funny that you mentioned this b/c the last 2 days my left eye lid has driven me insane twitching.  Was checking out at a store today and finally had to put my finger on it to make it stop so checker would quit looking at me like I was flirting with her!  True story.

When I was both hyper and hypo had bad muscle twitching all the time.  Still would at night if I didn't take Requip every night before bed.  My numbers are normal now and it doesn't bother me as bad.

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Dac that is so funny!  you make me laugh.  I guess just another crazy side effect.  Ahhhh...   the wonderful world of thyroid craziness!!!.

Happy Labour day everyone LJ39

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  I too had the eye twitching!!!  The one guy at work used to think I was winking at him!!!  Thank god he is same sex oriented or I would have had a huge problem!!!

  I also had twitches in my neck where for no reson my head would just turn slightly. That was weird especially when speaking with my boss- I think i was giving her a complex because she would finish her sentence and let me back to work!!!

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I really feel for you.  I have the same thing and My original endo that I went to said all symptoms were part of thyroid problem,and then when levels went back into normal range and I still had symptoms she said my symptoms could not be due due thyroid I have had mri eeg vep, every blood test and all normal.  I know what we are suffering from is thyroid related.  Did you read all of the testimonials on Msfergy's neuropathy poll? I have the burning ,not as bad as it was ,but stilll have it I have the twitching,numbness,blah blah blah... and I have had the jerking when falling asleep.  You are not crazy!!!.  Keep telling yourself thyroid ,thyroid, thyroid.  It has to be.  How long have you had these symptoms and what are your levels now ?  were you hypo or hyper when this all started?

Let me know LJ39
How are you feeling. I know it's been over 10 years, I am having the same issues.
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It's so weird, I've been having twitching too in my right eye for two weeks now and am surprised to find so many of you have the same thing.  Who would've thought?
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I've been hyper since I had my daughter (2 1/2 years ago). I developed mild proptosis in my left eye a few months ago and that's when we discovered it was Graves. I've been euthyroid since July 23, 2007. That's roughly when I stopped taking methimazole. Twitching, numbness, nighttime jerking all started around August 6th (about two weeks after I stopped my ATD). My last blood work was done on August 13th and all thyroid levels were in the normal range. I've been told it takes 4-6 weeks to show any changes in bloodwork, so I am getting new tests done by the end of next week.

I have tons of other symptoms that come and go (headaches, rash). Whether or not they are real or a product of my 24/7 anxiety remains to be determined. Has anyone out there experienced a rash from there tyhroid troubles? A few weeks ago, I had one so bad that I needed to go the ER. Now I just have a strange rough patch on my cheek.

I just wish I could find a doctor who would take me seriously. They all shrug off my symptoms. I'd love to know how they would sleep at night if their muscle were twitching involuntarily and their fingers and feet were jerking all night long.

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