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Does anyone have both Hashi and Grave antibodies?

Does anyone have both Hashi's and Grave antibodies?  What treatment are you on?
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I do. One term important with both autoimmune issues is defined as Hashitoxicosis Graves disease. Its a difficult treatment to work and alot depends in the individuals complex. Rarely will you ever see your numbers suppressed enough to say you no longer have the disease but the symptoms can be managed. It takes TLC for sure and a good doc relationship with you. also you may need to become a thyroid guru yourself and learn alot to overcome the symptoms of this dual-issue. I can give you highpoints of what many sufferers find help doing and changing to help.

A proper diet must be a lifestyle change incorporating high proteins, low to zero sugar comsumption - even eliminating fruits, a sodium rich diet. Zero gluten, high fiber, no artificial processed foods.

A supplement package started of proper amounts of selenium, magnesium, High Vit C, High/HIGH dosages of Vit D-3 as in somewhere of 10,000 - 20,000 ius daily.

Change in stress levels to a min.

Medication if warranted and at times a replace and block method can work if direct T3 medications are used in conjunction with T4 at low doses.

There's more. This is a starting point.
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Hi Stella5349,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question.  I have started taking supplements recently and have been gluten free for 6 months.  I am considering RAI or surgery because my symptoms are overbearing.  I have not worked consistently since March 2011 because my exhaustion and anxiety are so abnormal (up and down) that it is hard for me to function.  I recently started having eye pain in my left eye, which I think is due to Grave's disease.  This has been a nightmare and words can't explain the torture that I have been going through.  My friends and family are supportive, but I don't think they understand how sick I truly am.  

I will take my supplements regularly and continue my diet as you suggested.  Thank you!

Have you considered RAI or surgery?  Are your symptoms as extreme as mine where they hinder your daily functions?
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I also have recently been diagnosed with both can not sleep at night without sleep aid tired durring the day and have now started itching so bad at night and itch a little durring the day. I'm inbetween kaiser and an outside specialist. Any sugggestions for the itching?
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