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Does anyone see a Therapist ??

I have NO ONE to talk to about all of this except ya'll !!   I wish I had 1 real life friend that understands what I am talking about.  All I get are blank stares, and really unconcerned faces.
I know my family loves me but even my hubby gets aggrivated and says well I dont know what to do with you I am still trying to figure you out !    How can he 'Figure Me Out' when I havent even figured me out yet.  This is so HARD, I never thought it would be this hard.  This is a rollercoaster I DO NOT like.  I find myself just dying to get home to read your posts and I compare my symptoms to yours and what helps you might help me ya know.  My Doctors are really unconcerned, and when I say that I mean I get blown off alot when I call because before thyroid I was told it was all in my head and they labeled me with "Anxiety" yes they actually wrote that all in my chart.  SO when I call for something I am put on the back burner.  Doctors in my town are few and far between, I mean we only have a few and they are NEVER taking new patients so I have to stay where I am and actually she is only a Nurse Practioner but anyway I do have Very low B12 so I know that plays alot in to  how I am feeling but I am miserable and it is all of a sudden........My Endo if I call him he says its not thyroid related and thats the end of that.

Sometimes I think I need a good therapist you know someone to talk to about things but I really hate to pay all that money because they wont understand they are just being paid to listen....LOL...Know what I mean ?
Just wondering if anyone on here has seen one and did it help ?/
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I wholeheartedly believe in therapy.  Maybe since my bachelor's is in psychology but mostly because I've seen the very positive outcomes it can achieve.

Therapy really helped my son (who is very quiet and keeps everything inside) deal with his suicidal thoughts after my cancer recurrence.  

I wish I had time for therapy myself but I'm afraid I don't have enough time or money to deal with all of my "issues."  :-)   I am on a great antidepressant (Celexa) and I have all of you to talk to.

Many people turn to religion, others confide in friends or family.  Know what really helps me the most - being able to help (just a little) people on this forum.  We all have different things that help us through.

Your B12 problem needs to be addressed (have you been diagnosed with pernicious anemia??).  

If you feel that a therapist may help you - please, please seek one out.

On top of all of that - WE are here for you and we care about you!!!  Don't give up.  Lean on us!
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Yes I take weekly injections but got off track during the holidays and all I know I need to get started back.
This site is what really helps me, your kind words are SO comforting and it really makes me feel like I am NOT crazy when I see someone on here with the Exact symptoms I have...LOL.  I almost do a little silent cheer or maybe just a sigh of relief ! =)
THANKS again for the response, oh and my hubby is from Utah his entire family are still there.  We are in Mississippi now.
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I think we all here feel the same way.  There a some good websites:  www.drmurphreestore.com, allthyroid.com and others that really tell it like it is.  Maybe you can get your family to take a look at them and it might help them to  understand.  I had family members that didn't get it until they talked to other family members who have gone through it, aunts especially, and then they began to listen.  They just thought I was depressed and just wanted me to get over it.  My daughter and sister, however, have stuck by my side the whole way.  It is so very hard to explain to someone who has never been through it themselves.  Those that have can really sympathize.  It just takes so long.  Most things like the flu, or a cold, or something as obvious as laryngitis you can get over in just a few days.  It's so hard to accept the fact that there is no magic bullet or pill that can heal us in just a short time.  It has to be one of the longest lasting disorders there is that people don't see or understand.  If you  have cancer, people understand.  You have thyroid disease and no one knows what the heck you are talking about.  We don't look that sick and it certainly isn't in the news.  I have been to a shrink, but even he did not look at the thyroid as any big deal.  He just wanted to know what my childhood was like, etc.  I dropped him like a hot potato.  Well, I could go on but I don't know if it is going to help you any.  Anyway, I am a good listener and know where you are coming from so don't hesitate to send me a message if you need someone to talk to.  Hang in there.  I can tell you it does get better.  Just takes a lot of time.  God Bless.
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Tell your husband "congratulations on escaping"  :-)

I think I'm about to be tossed out of the state - I'm a (shhhhhh) Democrat.  Gasp, I hear them coming for me!  :-)

Hang in there.  We're all pulling for you!
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I have the same problems when I go to doctors who just can't explain where my symptoms come from.  I have a thyroid problems but even they won 't take that seriously.  I know all about the blank stares, the "ohhh you're overexagerating your symptoms", or have you considered therapy or a psychiatrist.  It's funny cause I did see one but he said my symptoms were not caused from being psychosematic or subconciously making it up. LOL   He did say that I could get therapy for situational anxiety. I said to him well at least I'm normal , because if someone is happy that there life is complicated with doctors and getting the run around from them all then they would definetly need therapy.  LOL   I know what it's like to be judged and get told from them that i'm making it up.  Before I came to this site I didn't know there were alot of others like me.  It's very helpfull and I think it helps alot more than discussing it with a shrink that doesn't know what it's like to go through this kind of situation.  I"m not saying that therapy can't help, it can, but it's nice to know that we can all come on here and let out our frustrations and give eachother support.   I don't know your history, but I hope you get better and if you ever need to vent or let off some steam messege me anytime.  Take care...  Angeleyes...
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Before I was diagnosed with hyperthyriodism, I was being treated for depression and anxiety (which does run in my family). I had gotten to my limit, and was suicidal with extreme anxiety, and no amout of meds were helping.
I went to my regular Dr. to tell him that I needed to be hospitalized because I was "crazy", but he told me he didn't think I was depressed and in fact he thought I had a disease. It turned out he was right. The fact that he knew me so well, and could look outside the box was amazing.  I really owe my life to him for seeing that I needed medical attention, and not mental. After week and a half on thyriod meds, I came off all antidepressants and anxiety meds, and was a toatally new women. I went to me shrink to tell him I no longer needed him and he actaully got mad at me and said " I asked you if you had thyriod problems when you started here" I don't know who the heck he thought he was, he was the MD not me. I was out of my mind and he should of done everything in his power to find the problem and run blood work.  
Oh well, not every Dr. out there will be the best one for you. I do think that  therapy helps though you jsut need to find the one for you. I have been to many good ones over the years that have really helped me.
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i go everyweek, and i know what you mean i am 28 and no one listens thank god nut my therapist . she does listen, and youll also find alot of ppl here that will help
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Only my friends on the board know I reached out to a Cancer care Center and it made all the difference after only 4 weeks for me!

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I haven't seen a therapist for my thyroid issue, but I did see one a few years back for a phobia I have. I only saw her about 3-4 times. I felt it was a waste of time and money. It could have just been the person I chose to see. I didn't do any research on her, just picked her because her office was close to my house. I don't think phobias were her specialty. She was more of a "family counselor." But on the other hand, once she found out what my issue was, she didn't refer me to someone more qualified...

A co-worker and her husband have recently seen a marriage counselor, and it has made a world of difference for them.

So bottom line, everyone's experience is unique, but I do recommend a little research on the doctor before you start.

Good luck!
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