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Does it every end-Read at your own Risk

Hello All
Went to the dermatologist today for the spot on my back, and yes of course he said this is most likely Cancer..what type he is unsure removed it today and will have the result tuesday or wednesday.Heard all about how now I need to make sure I have things looked at sooner and how with the two cancers in 3 months lalalalal blah blah blah..I am so sick of that word "CANCER" how and when did it decide it could over take my life. I'm not having a good afternoon, I was fine when i left doc's office went up the street and my sister who works at the hospital in Pathology went to lunch with me that was nice I do not get to see her much we are very close, and we went and had mexican and sat on the outside patio with the breeze very nice took her back to work and drove home one hour by myself as my hubby could not get off work, and to be honest i really just wanted to go by myself today. But, now I'm home reading these pamphlets the doc gave me and I cannot stop crying. my husband called to check and me and he wants to know what is wrong..How do you tell someone how you feel that everytime you turn around they want to say Cancer or some time of disease all i want to know is when it stops when do I get a normal life. Sorry I just needed to vent a little...besides you all have not heard me vent in a long time felt you might feel I forgot you all....LOL :)) not really my friends.
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First of all, I'm sending a great big e-hug your way!!  I noticed that you hadn't been on here much, and was hoping you were doing okay.  

You have every right to be upset.  That.......WORD that I hate so much obviously has an affect.  Like was said on another post, there is never a good cancer.  Cancer is cancer is cancer.....and it's ugly and scary.  I'm glad that you went in and had it removed, though . When did you notice it?  My diagnosis was so recent that I don't think it's really sank in yet.  I know that's going to be the first thing I think of when something isn't "quite right", though.  So, I can definitely understand where you're coming from.  So vent away, my friend!!!!

Please be sure to either come out here and vent, or lean on hubby and let it all out.  It's not good to keep it all bottled up inside of you.  That's what we're all here for, right?  

Keep us posted, okay?  I definitely have missed reading your posts!!!!

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I freaked out when I was told I have Hashi's and hypo. Can't imagine if someone threw the "C" word at me! I think you're very brave. Try to hang in there. We're all rooting for you!! --Michelle
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Thanks---How are you doing I am very sorry for not asking that earlier. I noticed it about two years ago but never did anything about it and then after my surgery  my sister saw it on my back and she said yelled at me. so that is why I went today.
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Thank you
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Well shoot. It just doesnt end for you does it?? Your are one STRONG woman never forget that!!! You go right and ahead and vent, cry, scream,whatever....you are not alone in this. You have a great hubby  and tons of us chicken heads here that will ALWAYS be here for you!!!

You are one of many on here that I truly admire and look up to becuase no matter how crummy of a day or week your having you still are thinking of others and are here to cheer the rest of us up!!! I really believe that you will come out the winner when all of this is finally over...and it WILL end one day.


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Oh what a cruddy day for you. BIG HUGS (gentle ones) to you and I hope that you can start feeling better soon. I can only imagine how your feeling right now, just know you have lots of prayers coming your way and that you are loved and have lots of friends here who will listen. Take it easy and try to relax a bit too.
Blessings to you!
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