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Does this sound like hypothyroidism

I am 18 years old I have had late periods since October 2015, this new cycle varies from 36-40 days. My cycle was regular for 6 years prior to October '15. I do not have excess hair growth, acne, weight gain (my BMI is 17.2).
And I have a series of seemingly random symptoms. My skin is always irritated and itchy and I have eczema patches over my hands and feet. I am mildly anemic with hemoglobin of 10.1 g/dl and hematocrit 32.2. I am frequently tired, and feel light headed when I get up and also feel my heart rushing for minutes afterwards. I also have been experiencing anxiety and depression. I have had stomach problems in the past (gastritis, and reflux on laying down).  Please give me your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.
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While you have some symptoms of hypothyroidism, you don't seem to have the main ones, such as the weight gain, constipation, intolerance to cold, muscle/joint aches/pains, etc.  Of course, everyone can have different symptoms, so the best thing to do is talk to your doctor and ask for the some simple blood tests.  You should Free T3, Free T4 and TSH tested... Those will tell you if you have hypothyroidism.

Since you have known anemia, which also causes tiredness, along with other symptoms you have, you should get tested for vitamin B12 and iron, as you need to know what type of anemia you have and make sure it's corrected.  It's very possible that's what's causing your symptoms, as even a mild anemia can cause severe symptoms.

You can get the B12 test and iron panel at the same time you get the thyroid panel I mentioned above... Don't let the doctor get by with just ordering TSH for the thyroid; that's a pituitary hormone, not a thyroid hormone and you need the thyroid hormones tested as well.
Wow, thank you for your response, I'll definitely get the tests done.
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HI there,

I don't think you have thyroid problem, most of the symptoms you mentioned are related to the anemia, and some are related to your diet. For anemia you need to take iron pills along with vitamin C and B12. For your stomach problems, you need a clean up diet, I would highly recommend a candida diet, do it for a week, you can see the difference.Try oregano oil.( you won't like the taste of it, but you will get oregano oil in capsule form-try amazon) But you need to stick on to the diet to see the difference.Have your doctor check your vitamin and mineral panel( especially B vitamins).  Take it easy:)
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Stomach issues, including acid reflux are a major symptom of hypothyroidism and there's really no reason not do a thyroid panel to, either, confirm or rule out hypothyroidism.

While I'll always back a healthful diet, a candida diet is very complex and I'd suggest ruling out hypothyroidism before getting into something like that.  My acid reflux went away as soon as my thyroid hormone levels started coming back to where I needed them.  

Peppermint oil pills or peppermint tea are excellent for acid reflux and taste good, too.  Dill pickle juice and vinegar water with honey also works well, because we often need more acid, not less.
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