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Doubling up doses - And workouts

Hey goodpeople,

2 questions.

1.) I waited too long to start a higher dose and am really feeling it. Can do a double dose for a couple days? ie. am supposed to be on 100.

2.) I like to do strength training three times a week. Though at this point I can barely life a care. I am wanting to do pre workout meals which dictate a meal 1hr before workout. Well trouble is I can only workout in the mornings. Is it possilbe to take the meds at a different time?
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Doubling up on your dose isn't going to help, because it still takes time for it build in your system.  

You can eat 30-60 minutes after taking your med.  I always find that by the time I get moving, shower, etc, 30 minutes is up and I can get on with my day.
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Forgot to mention - some people have done okay taking med at night, but you have to make sure it's on an empty stomach.
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thanks Barb. Well that would mean 2 hrs before I can even work out in the morning. I mean, if I first take synth. Then wait and hour, then eat, then wait another hour to work out... hmmmmm.

I heard people can take it at night, or rather some do, but what would be considered an empty stomach..?
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apparantly there is a small study that found taking it at night led to better absorption
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I take mine 2 hours before I wake up and my best sleep are those lad two hours
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You don't have to wait a full hour before you can eat.  The instructions say 30-60 minutes before eating/drinking anything but water.  I never wait more than 30 minutes.  Be consistent and leave some time.

I used to have to get up at 3:30 am for work...... I'd get up, take my med, turn on the coffeepot, get into the shower; by the time my shower, etc was done, so was the coffee and it would have been about 30 min from taking my med......... 3:30 was early enough to get up, I wasn't getting up any earlier just so I could wait a full hour.

Or you can set your alarm for an hour or 2 earlier, take your med, then go back to sleep, like Bruce does. That way, you could eat as soon as you get up, then by the time you're ready for the day, an hour would have gone by and you could work out.

I haven't seen anything about better absorption taking thyroid med at night, but I do know there are some that do it, successfully.  I'd have to do some research, but I'd say an empty stomach would mean nothing to eat for at least 4 hours prior to the med. That means that if you go to bed at 10:00 pm, you'd have to be done with dinner by 6:00.
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Apparantly there was a small study that was done that clearly indicated lower TSH and better t4.
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Did the "small study" happen to mention how long you'd need to wait after eating to take med?

If you can consistently eat dinner at the same time every night and leave a sufficient amount of time before med, what's to lose?  My schedule isn't rigid enough to do that.
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