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Dry mouth Hypothyroid

Does any one has any issues with Dry mouth and kind of white tongue ?. Is this common in Hypothyroidism /Hashi or it could be a side effects of levoxyl ?.
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I have dry mouth at night and have a white tongue.  I have not addressed this with my endo as other symptoms were severe and I was busy addressing them.  I thought I have thrush and was treated by the GP for that with antibiotics.  It helped and then it came back.  I didn't realize that it was probably from the thyroid.  I haven't done anything yet but am keeping track of my symptoms that are left and will address them the next visit to my endo.   My mouth comletely dries out at night and I have no salvia.  I have read numerous articles that say this is part of thyroid disease.  I dont' know about the dry mouth but the white tongue is.  May others have more knowledge than me as I am new to all these things and am trying to cope with the disease.  I am on levothyroxine 37 1/2 mcg.
Keep us posted on your progress.  linda (:
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I get dry mouth and always have a white tounge and kinda swelled I have asked others about this but never got much of a response, also I get like peeling of the skin inside the mouth to.
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I am curious about you.I hope you are doing fine. Please give us some info about you and also about white tongue thing.
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I get dry mouth especially at night as I sleep with my mouth open and snore apparently..
Lately I have been experiencing burning tongue sensations even though I haven't been drinking hot tea or coffee.. I haven't got a white tongue but my tongue has alot of fissures..
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Okay, I have a dry mouth and white tongue and hurting teeth. I had put it all on the radioactive iodine that I had a few months ago. But....now you mention Levoxyl....hmmmm .......I just had my dosage of Levoxyl increased several weeks ago and thats when I noticed my symptoms.  Now you got me thinking about this.  Could I be wrong? Could it be the medicine?  I'm so confused about all of this. I'm on a special mouthwash and toothpaste that the dentist gave me and I'm heading back to the dentist today. I'm going to ask him what he thinks about maybe it being the medicine.  According to my endo it doesn't have anything to do with ANYTHING and that it's got to be something else totally unrelated. Don't think so......
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I am so much into this white tongue that now when i am talking to other folks i am looking their tongue rather concentrate on what they are saying. I don't know what to blame for but this white tongue is being on and on with me since i started taking Levoxyl/synthyroid . I surely have very dry mouth  that could be side effect of thyroid medicine but not sure .
Please if you find an answer for your white tongue do let me know. Have you notice if you brush your tongue that whiteness infact go away ? of it still remains the same.
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When I brush it some of it goes away but it seems to come right back.  My biggest concern is the effect the dry mouth is having on my teeth.  My dentist is sending me to a special clinic in Dallas that specializes in only salivary gland issues. They are gonna run some tests on me and see if they can come up with anything.  My dentist thinks my problem is a secondary condition brought on by the radioactive iodine but he doesn't know. If I get some answers I will definitely post on here. In the mean time I'll just keep brushing with Boitene and using the mouth rinse. I did buy some sugarless hard candy yesterday because sucking on candy definitely helps. Have you had radioactive iodine?
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Just a thought, have any of you tried other toothpaste brands?  I too had the white tongue, the swollen tongue feeling, sometimes my mouth hurt, once in a while it would peel.  My mouth felt so dry all the time I was even tested for srjogens it bothered me so much but it was neg.  I was using a sensitive toothpaste and switched to plain old aquafresh (not whitening, or tartar control or anything) and after a few days my mouth was much better.  I know years ago I had major issues with Colgate toothpaste also where it made my mouth peel.  I'm back to using the sensitive toothpaste only once a day because I really need it, and I rinse really well afterwards, I only use listerine once a day too.  
Of course coincidentally I have hashimoto's but my mouth was bothering me way before I was ever put on levo so I don't think its related....
Give it a try and see if it helps.
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I forgot to mention that I switched toothpastes about 2 days after I started Levo....so either the levo is actually helping it or it is in fact the toothpaste.  But out on the net if you google it, there are lots of people with similar issues who don't have thyroid issues and they all say its the toothpastes (even biotene bothers some people which is supposed to be gentle).  I read a good test is also to just brush with water for a couple days, a dental hygenist told me its not the toothpaste that cleans your teeth (that is only for the fluoride), its the brushing.  And see if it improves.
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My mouth was dry, swollen tounge and always thirsty until I started Synthroid.  I just assumed they were symptoms of being Hypo.
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So it looks like dry mouth is thyroid symptoms also. Is any have dealing with canker soar as well in mouth i had one last week ?.
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i get a white tongue when my dose is too low.
before i was diagnosed (when i was hypo) i had a green tongue (and sometimes white)!! (scary!) and the doc said it was acid reflux and that i had to eat more often (which helped). he gave me some tablets for acid reflux and my tongue went normal.
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