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Early Pregnancy?

I am a 32-year-old who delivered my first child in February of this year.  In June, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's.  My hubby and I were planning to try to conceive again in February of 09.  I was unable to get pregnant for 5 years previous to my first conception.  I went on a progesterone cream to treat a discharge and the same month got pregnant.  Since delivery, I have had the same discharge before each cycle, and after discussing with my OBGYN, she believes it is unlikely that we will get pregnant again without the progesterone treatment.  My family physician strongly recommended that we not get pregnant until my thyriod medication dosage was right.  We are still testing for that.  However, I am 3 days from my cycle and have not started the discharge and 2 days ago, one of my breasts was leaking.  It has stopped.  I am concerned about being pregnant and the implications of my thyroid disorder on the early pregnancy.  I took a home test this morning that was negative, but I don't know how often I should re-test, or if I should call my doctor (everything I've read online says to get tested as early as possible once you are pregnant to avoid complications from the Hashimoto's)... what do I do?  Wait, or call?
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The best would probably be to see your Dr as soon as possible and do a blood pregnancy test - to find out soon.  It is very important that your medication gets adjusted as soon as possible - it will be increases but they will have to test your TSH T4 and T3 again.  Im currently 18 weeks pregnant with Hashimoto's and it wasn't planned also a complete shock and out of the blue but got my medication adjusted soon in the pregnancy - main problem is risk of miscarriage if not  TSH between 1-2.

Good luck hope all goes well  
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