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Elevated PTH, Calcium, and Low Phosphorus

I have had an elevated Calcium and Low Phosphorus since 1988, and none of my doctors at that time seemed concerned.  Then I was having some elevated kidney functions, and I went to see a specialist for kidneys.  He saw the elevated number.  Now my Calcium is always in the normal range, but a high normal.  Always in the 9's, and my phosphorus is usually 2.  Like I said this has been going on since 1988.  I had 2 parathyroid scans which showed nothing, but I do know that there could be a hidden adenoma not seen on the scans.  I saw an Endocrinologist, and he said they could do a exploratory on me to see if I have a hidden growth, but all my doctors do not want to start prying around in my neck.  I am presently under treatment for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, and I have been stable and in remission.  My concern is that if I have had this problem for over 20 years, and the numbers have never changed I would like to just leave it alone and monitor it on a regular basis.  I am looking for another opinion to see if someone agrees with me.
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The phosphorus is still low but calcium looks Ok (is normal), have you tested for  ionized calcium? are your kidneys ok?, do you have symptoms? how high is your PTH?
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