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Elevated T7

I recently was having some complications after Covid and so I went through many tests. One of which was a thyroid panel. All my numbers came back within normal but my T7 was elevated at 10.0. Both my neurologist, who ordered the test, and my PCP said they weren’t concerned which is great but I’m just curious what the point of the T7 is, if it’s not taken into consideration? I’m just trying to better understand how it works. My symptoms are: fast heart rate, insomnia, shakiness, menstrual cycle changes, increased blood pressure but only randomly, irritability, weakness, weight loss but that’s resolved, hair loss/straw like hair. Also, my maternal grandmother had her thyroid removed, maternal aunt has hyperthyroidism and mother has Graves’ disease.
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I really don't understand why the doctor chose to only run those tests.  I would have no confidence the tests so far.  With those seemingly hyperthyroid symptoms, you need to be tested further.  I suggest that you insist on being tested more extensively, for the active thyroid hormones, Free T4 and Free T3.  FT4 is a storage form of thyroid hormone T4 that is not bound to protein, which makes it inactive.   Similarly Free T3 is the unbound portion of T3.  FT3 is largely responsible for metabolic activity throughout your body.  

Also from your symptoms and your family's medical history, it is possible you have too much thyroid hormone in your system.  If this is confirmed by the FT4 and FT3 tests, then I suggest that you should also request to be tested for Graves',  with a TSI test.  Also, would be a good idea to get an ultrasound test  to determine the condition of your thyroid gland.
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T7 is calculated using T4 and T3 uptake and is an estimate of free T4.  Can't imagine making a diagnosis on that alone.  Were you tested for Free t4 and Free T3?
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My test form says T4:9.1, T3 uptake: 0.91, T7 free thyroxine index: 10.0 & TsH: 1.530
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