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Endometriosis! Is there a link with Thyroid Disease?

Hi to everyone. On top of thyroid disease and a premature menopause, it has taken my docs to now work out that I've also probably got Endometriosis aswell and I am going for a Laproscopy and ? further surgery after that. It would appear that I've probably always had endo, but it has definitely got worse since my thyroid trouble and early meno started this year. Does anyone know if there is a link here? Can the thryoid make endometriosis worse or vice versa? Or can it make the symptoms of hot & cold, anxiety, pms worse somehow? Or are those symptoms due to the endometriosis and not the thyroid and meno as I thought? It's just that all these diseases are mixed up in me together and I'm getting totally confused with which symptom belongs to which!
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Huge huge ..... huge connection honey!!!

That is another vital hormone imbalance associated with thyroid imbalances.

Endometriosis is control by the sex hormones - estrogen tolarence.

Once that falls apart a whacky thyroid - adrenal and pitutary go off track too!
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Hi Stella, Keep missing you lately, you're on when I'm off, and I'm on when you're off! (though I haven't been on as much lately as I've spent so much time back and forth to hosp). So it's good to hear from you. Well thanks for that, I wondered if there might be, because the endocrinologist has made me stop my HRT fornow to see where I am up to with the meno as the HRT is giving a false result to the blood tests, she can't gauge if the meno is actually over or not. So it's like hot flash city with me right now, with palpitations etc. worse than ever. Whereas my own gp said yesterday that HRT makes endometriosis worse coz the oestrogen makes it grow more. But I need the HRT for the prem meno, so it's catch 22! And now they don't know if all the unstoppable "girly thing" is coz of the meno or the endometriosis! Do you know Stella if the endo can contribute to all the mood swings, hot flashes etc? And which causes which. Does the thyroid cause the endo or the endo cause the thyroid? Sorry to be a pain, but I've searched and searched and can't come up with anything.
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I tell a lie! I was searching with the wrong words obviously! Coz I've just found out loads on it. You're so right as usual! There's a massive connection isn't there. I can't believe it.
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I have had 2 surgeries for endometreosis (spelling of course is probably wrong), at 16 and 18.  The first surgery took large spots off, the second the spots were in different places and were large too.  They even took some off my ureter, etc.  It was not as extensive the 2nd time around.  I never knew it could be connected.  That is shocking.  LOL I was so relieved yesterday when I thought the monthly had finally come back, but it was a false alarm I guess cuz she decided not to stick around.  Disappointing.
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I'm the opposite, I just wish it wud go away and stay away! They've been telling me for years the awful pain is IBS, and now they think its endometriosis! Do you mind me asking, do you still have endometriosis or symptoms of it. It's just that I'm going through the 3 conditions at the same time and can't work out which symptom belongs to which! Do you get pms, mood swings, anxiety etc with endometriosis. I know you can with the meno and thyroid, which is what they've been treating me for till now. But I'm wondering if some of the symptoms belong to the endo and could therefore be relieved with other treatment.
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When I think back- I had a CONSTANT period, MAJOR pain, etc.  When the period would stop, I could pick up something like a laundry basket and it would start up again.  They finally did the first surgery when I became borderline anemic. Endometriosis was the diagnosis.  I rebounded well from anemic then they gave me the depo provera shot and gained 50 (not kidding, 50) pounds.  The doc then sent me to a fertility doc in Shreveport and I had to take depo lupron (back then I heard it was used to chemically castrate men and used to put women in chemical menopause) and I had to take 6 months of that shot.  It did not stop the bleeding and that doctor told me (a 17 year old) that the treatment failed and the only thing that could help me was to get pregnant (if I could, which he doubted).  So, essentially, he told me to deal with the bleeding, take a multi vitamin and stay on BC to help.  Went to another doc after my old one moved and she performed surgery again (but there was a nice little note in my chart that indicated she thought I was making the whole thing up) and more endo was present and they removed as much as they could, yatta, yatta.  Fastforward from 19 to 24 (with continued horrible period pain, lots of bleeding, etc - oh yeah severe mood swings and the strongest BC they could give) and I got pregnant by mistake - wow I wanted to call the fertility doc on that one.  Pregnancy went ok, and aftermath was great.  Normal periods, etc.  3 years and one more kid later, my hormones never rebounded I guess.  I am 30 and this year, period is on again off again.  Skipping months and no cramps, severe mood swings and severe breast pain.  My GYN figured out this week that the only time I do not have breast pain is during the week I am supposed to have my period.  BTW - that obviously is supposed to be this week since I have no breast pain since Wednesday.  I have a mammo scheduled next week for that but I don't expect them to find anything.  I also have an IUD that I am contemplating removing.  My GYN thinks that it is adding to my hormone imbalance which is causing my breast pain.  Then again, my thyroid could also be causing my hormone imbalance which is causing my absent menstrual.  I do get stomach upset and stuff with a monthly, when it comes, but only when it comes.  I may be more messed up than you think you are on what causes what!  I think my body thinks I'm menopausal but my GYN says it is of no use to run the hormone labs as it is obvious that my hormones are whacked out and they flucuate.  He suggests I get the IUD removed but I can't seem to get my hubby to get fixed so I am at a stand still.  Oh what a year.  I am very moody most of the time, but not this week, which may be the week I am supposed to have a monthly.  Ohhhh -- its a vicious cycle, isn't it!!!???!!!  Mostly feel like a crazy person and often see those commercials about PMDD and feel as though that fits, except I do and sometimes don't have a period.  Since April I have mostly not had one.  

I just read through my big long post to you and realized that it is long and crazy sounding and I am very sorry.  I wish I could be of more help and had the intent of trying hard I promise.  Writing this junk out makes me think maybe I am mental sometimes.  Do you ever feel that way?  I wish you all the best of luck.  BTW, are you hyperT?  If you are having bleeding problems (too much) I have heard that is caused by hyper and I also heard that absent can be caused by hypo.  I really may have that all wrong too though.  Still trying to sort out the thyroid.  

I hope you feel better soon! xxx - Kim
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