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Enlarged Thyroid & Tinnitus

I was wondering if an enlarged Thyroid or any thyroid condition can cause tinnitus ??  

Since my thyroid enlarged, I've had bad ear ringing, sometimes 2-3 different tone levels, at the same time.  At first it was off & on, but since Jan 08, it's been constent non stop tinnitus 24-7, that's driving me insane.  

Has anyone had tinnitus issues, with thyroid that can share some feedback.
Thank you
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ive had the same thing for 11 months now..  it  has improved.. check out your blood pressure. thyroid can cause blood pressure to be high.. and high blood pressure can cause or make worse tinnutus..  im getting that all checked out now.. blood pressure is still high.. on meds now to control it it is comming down takes weeks and the ringing is also better so there might be a connection.. most doctors will tell you there is no cure for tinnutus. also try taking vitamins esecially b comlex plus a.  look into the specifics of it.. good luck...Kevin
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Hi Kevin,
Hope tinnitus disappears for you soon.  It's nerve racking !!  I don't have high blood pressure.  

I've done alot of research on tinnitus, but didn't find any connection between thyroid & tinnitus.    

Think I may have nerve damage in my ears, from Klonopin withdrawal, even though I stopped Klonopin 17 months ago.

Just trying to figure out what's causing what ?  

Thanks for your feedback.    
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