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Enlarged Thyroid

Greetings, I have an enlarged thyroid and I'm interested in take an iodine supplement with 225 Mgc.
Is it safe to take an Iodine supplement?
Thank you
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I've read the asian community ususally eats many times the daily allowance in iodine in seaweed/kelp in their diets and they stay very healthy. And that Dr.'s in the US are conservative wtih iodine,but in truth naturopaths know and will give people very high dosages and that's not that unusual to be on higher dosages. As a matter of fact, levoxyl, is iodine based, from what I hear, so they are just making money and calling it a fancy chemical instead of saying go buy over the counter iodine to help your thyroid work normally. i read that out diets from the commercial foods, contain very little iodine at all compared to the typical Asian diet. I'm sold, I'm taking 2 "3 Mg" pills each day now.
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The iodine in a LOT lower dose is prescribed to pregnant women in iodine deficient areas.Not in the US.
In cases of autoimmune thyroid disorder or hyperthyroidism extra iodine can be dangerous.
Have blood test and necessary diagnosis done  first.
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