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Ergh! Cause of Leg cramps with Hashi's?

Ergh! Does anyone know what causes the leg and foot muscle spasms associated with Hashi's? I'd thought the thyroid support supplements that I've been taking for the last 6 weeks had relieved them, but now the spasms are back -even during the day when I'm not sleeping -and while I'm driving!...Tonic water (quinine) helps for a few hours, but they keep coming back! According to recent labs, my electrolyte levels are okay, and I take a quality multivitamin and a calcium/magnesium supplement so cal/mag depletion is unlikely. Anyone? ~MM
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I still get that on and off, but it used to be real bad prior to being advised here to take Vitamin D (At least 2000 units per day, and at least 400mg of Magnesium Glyconate (Take with a meal) There is another type of Magnesium, I know does nothing for absorption, but the Glyconate does.
Good Luck FTB4
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Magnessium oxide is the one that does nothing for muscles.

Mag Glycinate and Citrate are great muscle and brain 'food' - you can tell.

If you still get cramps -you might think about trying potassium too - the recommended max is only 100mg per day.
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Hi, when you find something that's works let me know I have all of the above and bad shin pains like shin splints. When I lay down the pains gets so bad I have to sit up -- Hard to sleep sitting up. LOL  

But, as you know I also have back issues and Fibro, So who know's what's causing my leg pain.. as you are most likely also-- SICK and Tired of PAIN!!.

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I hear you...Hmmm...It seems the insomnia is trying to return too -a connection?..This must be the "roller coaster" I've been reading so much about...Puh. ~MM
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The only times I seem to get the cramping is when my Vitamin D was severely low, or when my thyroid levels were going low again.  When were your levels tested last?
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Hi Lori,
My thyroid levels were tested 2 weeks ago -FT-3 was in the lower end of the scale/ reverse T-3 was high/ FT-4 was mid-range, TSH 1.58 and Vit D was 45 (down from 54 in Nov). I'm now on 10,000 units of vit D (upped from 5,000 a week ago). So, maybe the D is the culprit...I don't suppose there is a way to get it to came up faster? It took me 3 months to get it from 15 to 54 at 10,000 units...(Dr was concerned about potential calcium issues so he dropped me to 5,000 in November). Thanks~ MM
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