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Exercise with Graves

Hi All,

How do people go with exercising with Graves diease. My T4 are elevated at present and pulse rate is fast with frequent bouts of anxiety and palpatations and feeling ike crying. Yet weight is stacked on after holidays and joined a Gym to help lose weight.  It is difficult to keep my pulse at safe levels and have any energy after to get tea?

Does anyone else have these problems - do you have any suggestions - it is important to me to improve my fitness but I do not want to expire at 44.

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Last year, when I was first diagnosed, I was losing weight, heart pounding, shaky hands, loss alot of muscle tissue.  Most symptoms are gone.  My Endo has me walking everyday at least 25 minutes.  At first he told me no weight bearing forms of exercise as it was hard on the heart.

Walking and eating the right kinds of foods (high fiber and low carbs) has helped tremendously.
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Take it slow and try walking over running/cardio. It took me almost a full year to get back into shape and while I was figety all the time, my muscles got weak and tired by just standing when I was my worst.  The best thing is to try and control the food intake, and keep walking as much as you can...and be patient. This disease takes awhile to get under control, but it is possible to get back.
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I have hyperthyroid...I do have problems keeping motivated...My heart races...and it makes me feel exhausted..I have no motivation ..Im just pooped...I have also lost alot of weight.  I do what I need to and that is it.

I take methimazole twice a day, but still feel my heart pounding constantly.  
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Hi Stella - what happended with the storming - what were the symptoms?
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I had no trouble when I was Graves getting up and moving.

I was like a time bomb with energy and no sleep. I felt like someone wound my clock so tight I couldn't control the energy.

I lost a ton of weight and felt great until the storming happened.
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