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Experience with Lugol's good or bad?


I've read about "Lugol's" iodine supplementation and for every article for it, I find one against it. I searched here too but didn't find much.

Has anyone tried it and what was your experience good or bad?

Thanks for your time, Kel
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Iodine is, typically, not recommended in those with Hashimoto's, as it can make the autoimmune response much worse than it would otherwise be.

I agree that it should not be taken, except, under the direction of a doctor and we've had many members who have taken iodine under the direction of their doctors and it only made their situation worse.  

Both, too much and too little, iodine can cause hypothyroidism.
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You have to be super-careful about doseage. You need the advice of a pharmacist, nurse practicioner or physician. I would not take Lugol's except under orders of and supervision of a physician.  You need to know how to figure out concentrations, and dilute the liquid in water.
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I was on it when I was first diagnosed for a week. I didn't like the taste of it since it was in liquid form, but it brought my levels way down. It's your choice if you want to take it or not.
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