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Extreme sore throat

I have been having an extreme sore throat (right side only).  Eating is tough.  Cold food sets it off and the pain is off the charts and lasts for hours.  I have no swelling and my doctor says my thyroid is normal (blood test and neck MRI).
Could he be missing something.  I have really no other symptoms except EXTREME pain in that spot where my thyroid is.  Anybody else with same symptoms?  I am really at my whitts end with this.
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i had TT 3 months ago and after that i took RAI treatment. after that i feel sore throat still now. i just confused. i take thyroxin 200 mg per day. is it the cause of sore throat.
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What are your thyroid values (TSH, free T3, free T4)? I would do an ultrasound of the thyroid , in the expert forum I read somewhere a case like yours (MRI normal), and I think that D. Lupo asked for an ultrsound....
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