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FNA & Hypo symptoms

I have a multinodular goiter and have just had a FNA on it.

I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a link between having an aspiration and going hypothyroid??

I seem to be experiencing a few hypo symptoms and am wondering if this could be because of the aspirate?

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I've never heard of an FNA causing anyone to go hypo.  The aspiration is only to draw out tissue for testing; it would not impede thyroid production.

Do you  have recent labs that you could post for members to review?  Seeing your current thyroid levels would help us determine whether or not you might really be hypo.  Please post lab results, along with reference ranges, which vary from lab to lab, so must come from your own report.

What hypo symptoms do you have?  Do you know if you have Hashimoto's or Graves Disease?  Are you currently on any thyroid medication?  If so, which one, at what dosage?
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Thanks for your reply!

I had bloods done last week, but i havent got the results from these yet.  I do have TSH and free T3 and T4 from last year (although i was pregnant) and TSH from Dec last year (approx 14 weeks post partum)

The last readings for Free T3 (3.1-5.4) were 5.6.  This was almost 12 moths ago though.  Free T4 was 10.  At this time, TSH (0.5-4.5) was 0.45

During december (post partum) TSH was 0.54

I will be going to see my GP this week for a copy of my newest blood results.

I am on no medication and have been diagnosed with nothing.  I found a lump in my neck in December last year and it was a 5cm complex nodule.  I had 18 mls aspirated from it, although the results came back inconclusive for malignancy.  I have a number of nodules throughout my thyroid.

I am quite overweight, but have lost 20kgs since i gave birth to my daughter in August.  I have 3 children and have had one definate miscarriage.  I suffered Pre- Eclampsia with my first and third child.

At the moment i am noticing i am fatigued, if i sit during the day i find it hard not to fall asleep!  I also suffer from aching legs quite often, usually at night time.  I will usually resort to some pain relief for this.  I have noticed the same pain in my arms at times too, but not as fequently as in my legs.

I suffered from Endometritis (infection of post partum bleeding) after my daughter last year.  I have had regular periods since 3 months post partum until now.  I have had 2 very close together and now have just disapperaed.  I am also breastfeeding which could be the reason.  I have also noticed some pelvic pain though, which i think is related.

I am on Lovan for PND and anxiety and Domperidone (max dosage) for my milk supply which diminished after the post partum infection.

I dont know if this is relevant, but in 2007 (12 days post partum after my second child) i suffered from Bells Palsy facial paralysis which lasted approx 8 weeks.

It sounds like im falling apart!!
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