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I called my drs office today to see if he could up my dosage. After the nurse went on...blah blah blah......She asked me what time of day I took it. I told her at bedtime because it makes me so tired. She said NO NO NO you have to take it first thing in the morning! If you take it at night.....your sleeping thru the benefits of the drug..      .......oh...

so......anybody thats taking lexapro.....it works better if you take in it a.m.

Rhonda-who feels really dumb right now :-)
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sleeping through the benefit of the drug/ thats a new one.I have been taking my bi polar meds for 6 years and I never heard oif sleeping thorugh the benefit.
Love Venora
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Rhonda -

Don't feel dumb.  I've been taking it before bed for 3 years and I think it works just fine.

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ya got me!  I guess the first 12 hours are the best and it starts to wear off after that????

I remember now the doc telling me to take it in the morning but I got so tired that I switched to at night.

I'll have to rsearch this now......has me thinking....

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  I never heard that, in fact my dr. told me to take it in the early evening because it would make me very sleepy during the day. I always thought it helped me sleep more sound, and help me stay more focused during the day because of being rested.
    I do not take it anymore though because it gave me heart palps & dizziness. I am currently on xanax as needed for panic and anxiety attacks.

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My doctor also told me to take it before bed!  And now that I really think about it...that's what's been making me so darned tired during the day, b/c the past several days I've been taking it in the a.m.  

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I started taking it during the day today...it needs to start working better!  My stress level is out of control....we are leaving on vacation in 1 week and right now I could care less. I'd rather just stay home. Somethings not right with me. Either anxiety/deppression is getting worse or my thyroid is screwing me up.
Dr is closed tommorow ( go figure). I cant see THAT doc on monday beause I have to go the OTHER one to have pre-op blood work done PLUS I am to star the potassium iodide monday.

My boys didnt want to have anything to do with me tonight ( did I mention how smart they are??) So I better figure out something quick OR hubby/kids are going to toss me out along some road between here and Oklahoma next week!

Rhonda -aka-The grumpy grouch
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Don't you love being stuck between a rock and a hard place?  Well, if Philadelphia is anywhere between "here" and Oklahoma you're welcome to get tossed out at my house.  We'll have plenty of chicken & tinfoil just for you.  I hope the lexapro starts working better for you; will be praying for you.

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Well, if they toss you farther south of Lake Tenkiller look me up! ;)  Could use another hen in this coop!

After you take the Lexapro for a while in the am the tiredness will wear off.  Been there, done that.  The terrific news is that it cuts your appetite in half, at the very least.  LOVED that!  Thought I'd found my miracle.  Couldn't even hardly stand to look at food.  But of course I still didn't lose weight!!! :(~  But it made me sooooo constipated had to quit taking it.

Hang in there it HAS to get better!! :)

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Ok I'll tell hubby instead of drop-kicking me out of the car he can just sling-shot me across tenkiller lake....I always did like to fly!!!

LOVE the idea of no longer grazing/living in the fridge anymore!! Maybe I'll finally stop hiding  candy bars in the bookcase!

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You can always come to my house this week I would love to have you.My familycoming  for my bday and we would have a blast.
I take my bi polar meds at night and I sleep good and I dont have the outrageous dreams i have when I forget to take them.
Hang in there sis and get ready to enjoy your trip..Tenkiller is really nice .I know you will enjoy it.
Love Venora
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