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Feeling yucky!!

I feel pretty yucky right now. I have been trying to get this medicine right. now I feel worse. I have such a bad headache and my chest hurts. My eyes burn. Just wanted to share with others that understand. I think I am hyper now but who knows anymore. I just cant keep up. I just want to lay down and not get back up.
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Sorry . it will get better.

When are you seeing your doc next? and when you visit him - what will you be doing at the appontment?
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I went to the doc on the 6th and they said to get a blood test in a couple weeks to see how the meds are doing since my tsh was 2.3 now. then set an appointment for 6 months. that was my endo. I was taking 75 mcg then put on 88 I went from a Tsh of 9 to 2.3 in two weeks. I went back to 75 with 88 two days a week and I feel crappy.
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