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Feet and toe cramps

I took synthroid from 2004 - 2009. I took .50 mcg. At the time I had a racing heart, exhaustion, palpitations, and dizziness, toe cramps, toe twitching and tingling that increased when I ate food including vegetables, organic chicken and turkey, etc., I also got ankle stiffness. On my own, I began cutting my synthroid in half and taking it twice daily and that helped with the heart palpitations and the exhaustion, but not the toe cramps, toe twitching, and feet and ankle stiffness (as if someone were squeezing my ankle).

In March of 2009, I began taking Armour Thyroid (.30 mg). The problem is that my feet cramp so bad that I can't perform my daily activities and have to postpone things like washing, grocery shopping, theater, classes, etc., I have gotten insomnia and stay in the tub running hot water over my feet to ward off foot cramps.

I have consulted with my regulart doctor and have changed doctors a number of times, at least five, and this problem is still going unaddressed. According to tests, I don't have diabetes, neuropathy, or lung problems.

I believe that the toe/feet cramps, twitching is caused by the Armour or thyroid medication in general, one doctor said it's not the thyroid meds. I just don't know what else it could be. Your opinion would be appreciated.
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Well, I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one!
I'm recently hypo from RAI and not regulated yet.  I started with 50 mcg name brand Levoxyl.  The muscle cramping was terrible!  Feet, hands, ribs, & abdominal.  My neck puffed up and was hot and red.
I never lowered my dosage.  When it got so bad that I couldn't stand it any longer, I called the Dr.  He increased my Levo to 75 mcg.  Picked it up at the pharmacy and they substituted a generic.  I didn't want to make a fuss and took it.
In 7 days, all of my muscle cramping went away!  I'm feeling pretty darn good now.
TSH 2.3 to 2.8 = muscle cramps
TSH 0.9 = feeling great so far
I don't know if it is from a lower TSH or switching brands.
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I called my doctor and asked for a new prescription and went up there to visit and she did nothing. I have a new doctor that I'm seeing in June. If they don't help me then, I'm going to a wholistic Medical Doctor.

I told the doctor that I think it's the medication, but she is not a good doctor. I fired her!
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From what I have read, most peoples muscle cramping gets better with the T3 in Armour. Do you need more? I am better with the t3.

Magnesium helps a little. I still have to manually 'release' tense muscles though. Most tight foot muscles are really from tight calf muscles as they pull on each other, this is called refered pain. Google myfacial release or trigger point therapy. You can buy workbooks on this at a book store or pay a massage therapist $60 per hour. I'm poor and have time, so I learned it myself. Try standing on a golf ball (increase pressure with time) on multiple places under your foot, several 5 minute sessions per day. Will feel better in one week. You can use something called the Theracane on your lower legs as they may be tight and you do not realize this. This really works in time, when nothing else does.
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I've tried all you've suggested and more besides. The T-3 apparently isn't working for me at this time. I tried massages, dieticians, vitamin therapy, you name, but I haven't tried going off Armour, which my doctor took me off today. I appreciate your input. Thanks.
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Incidentally, I fired my old doc and got a new one!
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I have not found a cure for my horrible leg/foot cramps that I get (mostly when in bed), however I have found something that helps take them away almost immediately.  Swanson Homeopathy Leg Cramp Relief.  It's pretty cheap and works great!  I got it from Swanson Vitamins.  I would love to find something that decreases or eliminates them to begin with though....
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