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Finally got actual cytology report

Today I got my pcp to fax me the cytology report. It says:

Left Nodule 1.3 cm complex nodule (noted as solid, though I was told it is partly cystic)
Rare mildly atypical follicular cells and Hurthle cells
Blood, acute inflammation and hemosiderin-laden microphages.

Right Nodule 2cm cystic nodule
Negative for cytologic evidence of malignancy
Few groups of follicular cells
Blood and hemosiderin-laden microphages

seeing something like "rare mildly atypical follicular and hurthle cells" frightens me a bit. I tried looking it up online and came back with all sorts of unsettling information about hurthle cells, though I did find something that said they can be benign. The endocrinologist still hasn't called me to offer me her interpretation or guidance. It' hard to focus on giving birth in two weeks with this hanging over my head. Does anyone have any thoughts about it?

Thank you so much!
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Your results do not necessarily mean cancer.  You can have Hurthle cells which are not cancerous.  Here's some good information.


You will need to follow up with your endocrinologist and possibly a surgeon.  At the least your nodule will need to be followed closely.  Your endo may recommend removal of your thyroid which is NOT the end of the world.

*IF* it is cancerous, thyroid cancer is slow growing.

My $.02 worth:  Focus on your delivery and deal with your thyroid issues in a few months.
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I *believe* the word "rare" means the am't of cells ... I had atypical uruine cells once that they called "rare clusters of atypical urethrial cells" ..... and it meant in that case not an abundance of these cells.

Bug your Endo until you get a callback ..... and in the meantime only 2 weeks until your due date! This is so exciting!!!  Keep us posted and let us know when the big day comes!

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Thank you both so much for the information. I'd been looking things up on the web and found conflicting information. Some of the stuff out there really can make it sound pretty bad. I'm one of those people who does better with all the information. I'm not that great with the unknown. But you are both right and focusing on delivering a healthy baby somewhere in the next two weeks (three tops-I'll be induced if she doesn't show up on her own ;) ) is the most important thing. I've not liked this 'distraction' and as much as I try to refocus I find myself really preoccupied. I'll bug the endo on Monday, while putting the finishing touches on the nursery :)

Thank you again! I've read the websites and found them helpful! If rare means 'just a few' that would be great!!

Take gentle care,
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Let us know what you find out about the term "rare" .. I'm really curious now!  See, I had the urine cells come back again 6 mos later and they were deemed "clusters of atypical urethrial cells" and no longer the term "rare" ... on both ocassions I wanted to mention they sent my urine out for very very high level DNA urnine tests that came back one of two ways and no inbetweens: Cancer or Benign and both times it was Benign as far as bladder cancer went.  Seems I had kidney stones that scraped up thelining of my kidneys and caused changes in the cells making them appear atypical.  I know this is off topic but wanted to share it with you as I found it very interesting

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