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Finally got some T3 and interesting results!

So this is just an update really. Been trying for a year to get a doctor to prescribe me T3 as my results were showing to much T4 not enough T3 but because TSH was "in range" my symptoms were always ignored.

My new ranges are as follows: TSH 0.005 (0.40-3.50) FT4 11.8 (9.0-19.0) FT3 4.5 (2.6-6.0)
im on 100mg thyroxine 6days week and 30mg tetroxine everyday.

I feel better for it. Still room for inproving but so far so good. My blood pressure has come down from 145/90 to 125/78! My periods are now regulated. Was having them every 21 days now every
27 days.
My doctor wants me to reduce or stop the T3. I dont really see the need. i still get mild palps, shortness of breath. Is there any danger with having a very suppressed TSH?

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Suppressed TSH is only a danger when it accurately reflects FT3 and FT4 levels.  Many things influence TSH, among them meds with T3 in them.

Your FT4 is still a little on the low side of midrange.  FT3 is a little over midrange.  Why in the world does she want to d/c your T3?  Your labs still show room for an INCREASE in both T3 and T4 meds if you still have hypo symptoms.  If you d/c T3, I fear you'll go right back to where you were before starting it...
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Most people, including myself, find that after adding T3 our TSH becomes suppressed without having any hyper symptoms. Mine is very close to where yours is and I am still having some hypo symptoms.  My dr pretty much fired me because I asked to increase and she said I should decrease.  I'm on the hunt for a better dr who cares about symptoms & FreeT3 /Free T4 and not just TSH. Before adding T3 I also had very high blood pressure, major swelling, fatigue, hair loss, freezing cold, hives, ect.  All have greatly improved since the addition of T3. I just don't understand why these drs are not listening to the patients!  
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TSH suppression by itself is not a problem.  Going Hyper is.  That is probably your Dr's concern. That it the only thing that makes sense as to why the Dr would want to lower it.

Are you having any Hyper symptoms.  Or are you still having primarily Hypo symptoms?  

If no Hyper symptoms then I agree completely with Goolarra.  There is even room to INCREASE meds.  My thought would be T4 and with that see what kind of response there is to your FT3 levels.
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Thanks for ur responses. Really helps. I have more hypo symptoms, mild pals, shortness of breath, fatigue. Headaches. Low sex drive

Doctors are very set on TSH. It is terrible! They need lots more education on T3 .
I will increase t4 and see how I feel. Also I forgot to add my Ferritin has gone up from 22 to 69! And B12 has gone from 214 to 421! Without supplements.
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Just wondered if you have been able to overcome you inability to take thyroid medication, I've been trying all three, ndt t3 and t4 with abdoloutyky no luck.
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B-12 levels of 421 is below manhy countries bottom of the range and is certainly nothing to brag about.

I'm glad your B-12 levels have increased, but it is not nearly enough!  You will want the B-12 to be closer to 900.  Certainly over 700.

I''ve read that ideal Ferrtin level is 70 so your latest test at 69 is right on!  So that is good.
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