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Finally some answers!

I am finding the board very supportive. Living for so long without, the support is very refreshing. I have been dealing with allot and finally I have some clue about whats going on thanks to the people on this site giving me some clue and advice. I truly am not alone anymore! I think that the depo really messed up my hormones and along with the thyroid as well as my diet, I just totally lost all control of my body and it's reactions to things. I think for along time I was in denial. I thought it was "ALL" me. I didn't realize the affects the depo and the untreated thyroid was having on me all around. I hope to start a long process of tests with a GOOD doctor very soon. I am beginning to believe that the thyroid really is the biggest issue and there is truly something wrong with my body, It's not all mental. For a long time I felt like I was lazy and fat and unproductive. I just couldn't figure out why I couldn't get going. I'd drink three rock stars a day and when they'd wear off I'd feel miserable. I still go through these times but I know now that it most likely isn't lazy Carly, it is the hypothyroid that I haven't been treating. I hope to find some answers soon. I have contacted my old doctor and asked what I need to do to get all my old records. Hopefully when I go to the (endo) it will help him best determine what next steps I should take. I heard someone mention not to bring records and let the doctor start from fresh so maybe I won't! I'm not sure. I also will ask for the tests that Karly122 suggested. Thanks for your support and those people for sharing your experience with depo. I really think that shot should be banned. I have many friends who went on the depo and had similar or more severe problems that many of us have had. I think the shot is more dangerous than affective and no one really knows the consequences of it in the long run!  We should start a movement! Here I go getting all passionate about something LOL! Anyway thank you all again. Knowledge is Power and I have never believed that more than I do now!
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I am glad you may be finding some answers to your situation. I am totally a believer in birth causing issues for women - not only thryroid - but all the hormones within the body. If I only knew then.

As birth control became advanced and more widely used the hypothroidism and adrenal fatigue also has increased.

I believe in starting over to a point - but you may have some connection or tests you had done that may help determine the problem. If I were you - see what the new doctor says - have those tests with you ( just in case) and pull them out if you get confused.

SOmetimes starting over confuses the patient more. I know - I have started over many times in 6 years.
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I had major GYN issues about 4 yrs ago ... I kept saying it was hormonal .. they pushed Zoloft, etc.  Long story short .. it all appeared as fast as it disappeared and Zoloft did nothing for the anxiety as I wasn't clinically depressed, etc.   Since my thyroid surgery and now on Synthroid with a new TSH for me ALL those symptoms are long gone .. all of them ... so now they all say, "Geez, you must have been subclincal hypo for a long tme" .. hmmmmm is what I say!

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we truly need to know more about the meds we're given and there side affects. I look at pills I'm given and automatically ask what are the side affects. I know whatever they tell me I am most likely going to suffer so I truly think long and hard to decide if I'm ready to deal with them or not. Sometimes I've ask for other meds. I am so sensitive to pills and I know my body doesn't take well to them so I have to be careful. It took along time to get to this point. I was scared of ?ing the doctor. I didn't want to feel ignorant because I am not a physician. I know now that I have to be somewhat critical of my doctor and ask many questions before I am given anything!
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All my levels for T3 T4 and TSH are all "good" according to my endo, but I still feel like ****, never sleep, tired, cranky and body aches I can't explain. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and I don't know what else to do.  I'm taking .88 mcg and my thyroid  was removed in November 2004. I don't remember the last time I felt "good" or normal.  I truly feel like a hypochondriac but all I am complaining about is exactly what I feel. Now I don't say anything even to my family.  It's so depressing..oh well...thanks for the support of this forum that I know I'm not alone.

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Congratulations Carlene. I use to blame myself too -- like it was all in my head and why am I so lazy. But knowing that I wasn't making up my symptoms and I'm not the only one helped tremendously in getting answers and being aggressive at seeking help.
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I have a similar story, posted on another thread here (where you'll find many similar stories)....link below.

I have read a number of people not experiencing much change in symptoms with synthetic thyroid hormone treatment. My specialist put me on NATURAL THYROID EXTRACT (hormone) and my improvement was dramatic. I was a new woman (or basically, I became again the woman I was in my early 20s).

If the synthetic treatment isn't working, ask your doctor about the natural option. Both my doctors (I've got a new one) believe it is more readily taken up by our bodies.

My story (in 2 posts) is in the thread:

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