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Fluctuating TSH

When I was diagnosed with hypothroidism my TSH was 15.9.  I started on 50mcg synthroid, and then my TSH dropped to 6.7.  When I increased to 75, my TSH dropped to .15.  Then I alternated 50 and 75, and my TSH dropped to .005.  Then I went back to 50 and my TSH is now 19.4.  I've been changing doses at 6 week intervals.  What is going on here?  
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wish I could tell you. I'm only in part 1 of your journey... Diagnosed hypo last week with a TSH of 20, antibodies positive. Started synthroid 50mcg a week ago. seeing the endo again aug.25th. wonder what the results will be. keep us posted. any symptoms?
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My original symptoms were tingling hands and feet, irregular periods, feeling lightheaded.  The synthroid helped for the most part, and then I started getting overtreatment symptoms, i.e. skin feeling hot, nervousness.  Lately I had been feeling better, but I didn't feel so good on the day my test was done.  Not sure if feeling bad one day can throw off TSH.  Anyway, I'm extremely frustrated.  
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My TSH went from 19.4 to 155 in three months then to 230 in a month.  Went to a endocronologist today and she said it could take quite a while to dial in the correct med amount.  Keep in mind it takes at least a week for the medication change to have much effect in how you feel or your tsh.

Also it appears calcium will interfere with uptake of medication which no one told me until today.  But I had found it out myself by visiting all these forums.  So I do not take calcium for 4 hours after taking synthroid.  I do not do any dairy during that time either.  I usually take my thyroid med 1 hour before I get out of bed.  

I switched from generic to name brand 2 weeks ago as I was not tolerating the generic well.  I feel like useless most days.  I have not been able to work more than 2-4 hours a day since I hit 150.  The endo thinks that I should stay with the name brand until I get dialed in.  Hope this happens some time soon.  I never felt bad until I started getting 50 mcg.  At 75 I thought I would never be able to stay awake.  I am now at 100 for a week and today was OK.

Every one I have talked to says eventually you will get the right dose, but it could take even as long as a year.

Good luck to you
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Hi, I'm right at the beginning of thyroid disease, so won't be much help. But I just wanted to say that my levels are swinging from high too low and back again very frequently. It's different every mth! However, they won't treat me yet until I stay either hyper or hypo, so haven't become very familiar with treatment etc. I just wanted to say that TSH can fluctuate rapidly, others have also described the same thing since I joined here.
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