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Fluoride in tap water and thyroid function

Has anyone else read about or experienced the effect of fluoride on thyroid function?

According to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Thyroid Disease by Dr. Alan Christianson and Hy Bender copyright 2011, "Fluoride is so effective at reducing T4 and T3 production that it's used as a a treatment for hyperthyroidism. If you're on the verge of being hypothyroid, though, fluoride is likely to push you over the edge. And if you're already hypothyroid, fluoride can make your condition even worse."

The book recommends installing a reverse osmosis filter for your tap water or drinking bottled water. I have no idea how much this costs and whether it can be uninstalled as I rent an apartment.I know some bottled water has fluoride in it and it would really add to my grocery bill.

Water is my beverage of choice so this concerns me. I drink a lot of water from the tap as is and make hot tea with it daily.

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Studies have shown that high doses of fluoride can adversely affect thyroid function, however, the amounts typically used in drinking are not that high.

Reverse osmosis is very expensive and once installed would not be easily removed.  I'm not even sure where, in an apartment setting, you'd have room to install it.  You can buy filtering equipment, such as the Britta filter, that goes on your faucet or filters our pitchers full of water, in stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. that are reasonably priced.

If the water provided to you comes from a public drinking water supply, the supplier is required, by law, to do certain amounts of testing on a regular basis.  Fluoride is one of the parameters tested.  If your water comes from a Community water system, they supplier is required to send all customers a Consumer Confidence report every year, to let them know of any water samples that were outside the limits set by DEP or EPA.  

If your water doesn't come from a fairly large water system, chances are, there is no added fluoride and the amounts that naturally occur are, typically, quite small.  
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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I found out after my post that RO is not an option. Unfortunately I have concerns about bottled water too. Supposedly some of it isn't any better than tap water and most of it is stored in plastic which is a pollutant.

According to Brita's website it reduces chlorine and metals not fluoride.

Here's info from website where I live:
What is the concentration of fluoride in the city's drinking water?
WTP: Lake Ontario which is the raw water source for the Woodward Ave. Water Treatment Plant has naturally occurring average fluoride concentration of 0.13 mg/L (2008 through 2012), the treated drinking water supplied by the Woodward Ave. WTP has an average fluoride concentration of 0.59 mg/L (2008 through 2012). The target concentration of fluoride is 0.6 mg/L An average of 0.46 mg of additional fluoride is added per litre of treated drinking water.

I e-mailed the city to ask why the naturally occurring fluoride concentration isn't considered enough. They do treat the water. I resent this. If people want fluoride to prevent tooth decay they can purchase toothpaste with fluoride.
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The water system, itself, doesn't have an option as to whether or not they will fluoridate their water.  The  mandates come, either, from your state's DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) agency or the Federal EPA.

If the state mandates it, they are simply following EPA's laws.  The laws go by the population using the water system.  Large Community systems, typically, are required to fluoridate, whereas smaller ones are not.

The city has no choice, but to do what DEP/EPA tell them to do, or they will be in violation of the law.
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Please note I live in Canada not the United States.Thanks.

Check this out. This is the idea of one of the city councillors in my hometown.
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Sorry, your profile doesn't indicate your location.
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I did include in my profile that I am from Canada, but I guess it wasn't shown. So, I added "Canadian" under "About Me."
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