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Flutter in throat

Please can someone help me. This is slowly driving me mad.

A few months ago I started to get a flutter in my throat right where the thyroid gland is. It went away as quick as it started however it made me cough and sort of lose my breath for a second. It wasn't that often that it happened.

However for the past 2 weeks it started to happen more and more until finally it became a constant flutter in my throat. I went to hospital and had blood tests, chast x ray and ecg all came back fine and they said it could be down to reflux.

Tried to get over Christmas as best as I could but its gradually getting stronger in my throat so I saw an out of hours doctor who said my Thyroid gland looks a bit swollen so I have to see my GP today to see if he will send me for tests.
I know there is nothing in the thyroid gland to flutter but could it be that if it is swelled this flutter is just my heart beat becoming more noticable in my throat? It feels like a hollow rush of air coming up my throat or a quiver that makes me cough. Its worrying me so much.

Other symptoms have been hair loss, tiredness, nausea, palpitations, constant fast pulse, dizziness, anxiety, feeling of adrenalin in my stomach, metallic taste in mouth. The list is endless.

Please can someone put my mind at rest. I just want it to go away its ruining my life so much that my partner left me 3 days ago and I just can't cope with the fluttering any longer. I have 2 children and I'm finding it hard to cope with everything.
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Have you looked into acid reflux?  The metalic taste is what makes me wonder that is what it could be.
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I would be asking for a thyroid ultrasound scan, really simple to do, the same scan as what they do when youre having a baby.
Then take it from there, have you had thyroid bloods done ?
I wish you good luck, and try not to worry to much, as stress makes thyroid issues more intense.
Good luck , im wishing you well.
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I have had severe acid reflux when hypo.  I agree with thyroidian about the need for thyroid testing.  Make sure they test for FT3 and FT4 (not total T3 and total T4), along with TSH.  In addition, suggest that you get tested for adrenal related problems.
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Hi everyone

Just got back from my GP who seems to think its all anxiety. He said my thyroid blood test was fine from a week ago but is sending me for another one tomorrow. However I've been told that doctors will tell you that your results are fine even if they are  slightly not right. And that they only do TSH test and not T3 and T4?

I do get alot of reflux and heartburn but I've never had this before. It feels very similar to a palpitation when you get the flutter up your throat but my heart isn't fluttering its very regular.

I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I've heard this gets mistaken for thyroid problems.
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Suggest that you insist that they also test for FT3 and FT4 ( not total T3 and total T4), along with TSH.  Even if they say okay, look at the lab request and make sure they have put FT3 and FT4 on there.  You wouldn't believe how many times people think they are getting FT3 and FT4, only to learn later that it was not done.

Also, always get a copy of the lab report for future reference.  The doctor is required to provide a copy upon your request.  When you have latest results, including FT3 and FT4, then post here and members will be glad to help interpret.
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How is your nausea? I have the EXACT symptoms for over 1 year and had every GI tesy done.... even went to the Mayo clinic. No one can find anything wrong with me except acid reflux. I get my thyroid levels checked on February 2nd so I hope that answers something. The only difference I see is that I have frequent nausea and i'm always cold. How about you??
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You should also consider the suggestions I gave to IamKay just above.  Insist on FT3 and FT4, not the totals, and then verify when you go in for blood draw.  
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You just described the exact same sensation I have! I have had this on and off for several years, although there are times when it seems to get worse.  I have searched the internet looking for someone to describe this very bizarre sensation.
I too have an enlarged thyroid, but since my blood work came back normal, the doctor is not too worried about it. I also had an EKG and an Echocardiogram and both came back normal. I do have a heart murmur, but again, nothing the doctor is concerned with. I also have three other brothers and sisters who have this exact same sensation, and all three are healthy...
I do suffer from anxiety. I have generalized anxiety disorder - fancy way of saying I am always anxious about everything. And I notice that when I do get the 'flutter', it almost always follows a time when I have been anxious and holding my breath. Again, not sure if this is your case, but definitely something that I have noticed.
Good luck and good health!
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I realize that this is a very old post, but I wanted to see if you ever found any answers???

I had all of the symptoms you described a couple years ago. It took me over a year to discover that I was living with toxic mold. I still have these symptoms sometimes (and plenty of others too), but on the whole, they were better when we moved.

Hope you are completely past this and have found the answer!!!
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Yes, I would have liked to know how lamkay turned out as well. I went to the doctor because I thought the blood pressure meds she put me on were causing all my side affects. I got myself off of atenolol. I feel much better. But, I get alot of the feelings lamkay is getting. Turned out my thyroid was sluggish..not good at all they only tested the TSH and the T4 turned out my test was 7.65. I am on Eniva products, so our Alternative doctor said, take 2 ounces of the Vibe and 2 tsp morning and night of the Thyroid care (has Iodine in it). I feel so much better. I will be going back for Thyroid tests Aug 22nd. I will make sure they do the FT3 and FT4 plus the adrenal. From my research they are now wanting the TSH range to be 0.3 to 3.5 I also found out Americans are deficient of Iodine. Wow! Research that, you will be so surprised, how something simple as Iodine can take away some of these side affects. If you want to look into my products Eniva....just  go to  www.1ounce2health.com. God bless and I pray you all do well
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Just today I have had an increase in the same symptoms you have been describing here. I say increase because ever since I stated taking a new (to me) blood pressure med this has been happening to me! Today was the worse yet and it has been going on all day so I decided to search it via the internet and this is where it brought me. I was hoping for some answers here as I am without proper insurance so all the hospital tests are out of the question. I also have a thyroid problem. I have hypothyroid and take meds for that but have had no side effects from them ever. The only real change has been the blook pressure meds and I am going to quit them in the hopes it will help. This thing with the heart in the throat fluttering is scaring me!
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I'm right there with you..... I have been on thyroid med for years and nothing like this happened till I got on blood pressure meds.  I'd rather change diet and figure out healthy natural ways to fix my blood pressure then meds and feel the fluttering all the time.  Best of luck to you.
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