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For the Love of God HELP!

I have been experiencing strange symptoms for over a year.  I have frequent bowel movements (sometimes up to four a day) that are very soft but not diarrhoea.  At night when I lie down for sleep I notice that I can hear my heart pounding and it makes me very anxious and nervous. I also will sweat almost every night, not drenching sweats all the time, mostly I just have a small amount of sweat on the sheets where I was sleeping in the morning.  I seem to be easily upset and sometimes yell at my son for the strangest reasons, like him chewing to loudly or asking too many questions.  My appetite has become alarmingly voracious especially after I finish with my workout.  I know that is is normal for one to be hungry after physical exertion but I seem to be able to devour a abnormally large quantity of food.  Much more than I used too eat.   All of this has become very distressing and I would like to know if these are symptoms of hyperthyroidism and if hyperthyroidism can take years to develop.  Also, I have no means to go to a doctor as of now so if these symptoms do point to hyperthyroidism is it ok to leave them unchecked?  

Thank you very much for your support,


P.S. I forgot to mention that I am a male, and I know that hyperthyroid is not as common among men as women.
Sorry, I am also young, only 26 years old.  Occasional smoker (Tobacco) and social drinker.
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From the little that i know, no it isn't good to go untreated. It can cause heart problems. I too have supposedly hyperthyroidism. But for the most part I feel hypo. The times that I did feel hyper, I felt the same way you did. I also have a 4 cm nodule in my neck. I'm having a hard time getting it taken care of because I don't have insurance. I have been going to my local clinic and pay $50 each visit. Seeing a PA is cheaper then the actual Dr., but they are still very good. The blood work was $120 for everything. If you tell them from the very beginning, most places will give you a discount. The Dr. thinks that my problem has been developing over a good period of time, but there is no telling. You might want to check your thyroid yourself and see if you feel anything. Being a man increases your chances of it being cancerous, so check it out now.  I have gained about 30 lbs from this hunger and it isn't fun. Also if you are hyper and losing weight it is lost muscle, not fat. So if you are working out it probably isn't helping as much as it would normally. I'm not a doctor by any means, but I know how you feel. But I'm a female, and I can't work out because of my heart racing. Check it out, Don't take a chance. Good Luck!
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If you ARE hyperthyroid-it would be very unwise for you to not seek treatment. You can have labs drawn, without doctors orders.

A good test, including TSH and Free T3 and Free T4:


It's $85.00 and with code 12345 it will take 10% off your order (-$8.50) I recall S&H being about $12.

Click on "view locations": http://www.healthcheckusa.com/  for a lab near you.

If your labs return pointing to hyperthyroidism, get your rear in gear and go to the doctors. That said, it would be a good idea [period] to seek professional help- if you are filling ill and distressed over it.

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