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For those with 'lump in throat' feeling...

For those of you who have that lump in the throat feeling or swallowing difficulties, could you describe what it feels like?  Does it feel like there is phlem in your throat or just a lump/swelling feeling?

I have a .08 nodule and a slightly enlarged thyroid.  I feel like I have a swollen throat/neck but I also feel like there's phlem (sorry .... gross, I know!).  I've been told it's probably Gerd but I have my doubts.  Trying to figure out if it's from the nodule pressing on a nerve or if it actually is GERD (which I have no symptoms of except some chest pressure).  I have to wonder if the chest pressure is from the nodule as well.  

Thanks for any input!!!
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Years went by for me after RAI that I went to numerous doctors and complained of a lump - or "something" in my throat. It was the same story from them all and GERD was mostly the diagnosis.

I went on every RX for GERD there was and it never changed the feeling - in fact it brought on more problems - headache - nausea - and GI distress.  But the something stuck in my throat still persisted.

Then the tightness in the neck and chest started. AGAIN acid reflex or GERD. After two years and dozens of trips to doctors and the ER rooms ( last visit at the ER a year in a half ago) I laughed at them in disgust with their push off of the GERD DX to send me on my way.

I threw every RX in the garbage and decided to really start digging myself into the WHY's and WHAT's of what was happening to me.

BAsically I started over going back to the original DX of Graves in 2002 and then getting RAI. I researched everything I looked at and found a link to the hypothyroidism after RAI.

Both the RAI and now being Hypo -  had huge connections to acid reflex and GERD misdiagnosises. So my gut told me to dig farther into hypothryoidism.

I found out that there was a very misleading thought many doctors are under. Actually hypo's produce LESS acid then needed to digest food. I found getting a balance of my PH levels to help tremoundously with the acid and to a degree that lessened the "lump feeling" in my thought - still there but not as bad.

I also dug deeper into tests needed in addition then just basic thyroid panels for hypothyroidism and got a TPO test for Hashimoto. YEP - that was positive,

So now I know - I have Hashimoto Thyroidtitis - an enlagement or swelling of my ablated thyroid. When they antibodies kick in ( in full gear) I inflame not only in neck but upper chest and back. My nodule that grew after RAI is also in a position to make my neck feel comfortable when I lie down so it is hard to sleep and takes a while in the morning to feel like I can get through the day. Lying down - I think - puts that nodule in a position that becomes uncomfortable for me after a period of time and wakes me early to get up and let it go back to where it feels better.

Getting my Hashi/hypo condition at a good level for me worked very well. I feel 90% normal again after 6 years and have had no issues with that GERD stuff since.
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I had a two nodules prior to RAI treatment.  I have swallowing difficulties.  I am always clearing my throat, sucking on throat lozengers or tic tacs.  After RAI I have had hoarseness, which has been 10 months.  My ENT sent me to a speech therapist who is treating me difficulty swallowing and hoarseness with electro stimulation.  

As for the difficulty swallowing, the food seems to get stuck right in my throat and no matter what I did, it would not move.  The therapist had me to buy Luigi's lemon ice. When eating, I put the lemon ice on the tip of the spoon to make swallowing easier.  However, so far the vitalstem has not solved the issue.

Also, eat small spoon/fork fulls and take a sip of drink  afterwards.

Take care
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Yes, I hear what you're saying about GERD.    GERD, GERD, GERD .. that's what I hear too.   Even though I do not have really any symptoms other than the phlem/throat sensation.  I was given an Rx (prevacid I think) to start taking for that but I haven't started taking it yet.  I do have chest fullness feeling.  I swear I feel like I'm falling apart!!  

I'm still confused about all the blood work I had done.  I was told everything was normal and that it's the nodule that's causing all my symptoms.  I need to get a copy of that I think.  

Well, I'm glad you feel better.  You really do not appreciate it when you feel good until you start to feel terrible.  I am so sick and tired of not feeling good and what's worse is that I have a 9 month old and I feel like I'm not being a good enough mommy.  

And blksapphire, gosh I feel for you with the food getting stuck in the throat.  Atleast I don't have that .. yet.  I hope you can get that resolved.  
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I also have this lump/phlem problem in my throat.  A few months ago I was told I have - you guessed it - GERD.  I'm on meds for it now.  I'm don't think they help, as I still have to clear my throat constantly and have fits of coughing and hacking.  Ask my husband, it can be really annoying.  He is pretty tolerant, not sure I could be the same.  I don't usually have trouble swallowing, but I do have pain somwtimes when I have my head turned to the side when I'm swallowing.  What's up with that?  By the way I have NOT be diagnosed with any thyroid problems, but feel there must be a problem there.  Some of my other symptoms that make me think this are:  excessive sweating; always hot, even when others are not; can't get cooled when I'm too get hot;  can't get warm when I get cold (which is rare);  always tired; sleep apnea; aches and pains, arthritis; IBS, and I'm overweight.  Problems that top the list are:  IBS(meds are helping}, excessive sweating (all over body), and the so called GERD.  What do you think?
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You need free T3 and free T4 tested, if you have not.

Digestive bacterial overgrowth is more common that people and docs think. It can be responsible for GERD, IBS others too. And it can just make you feel sick all over. Antibacterial herbs taken orally with pobiotics (good bacterial) daily can rid this issue any where from one month to years. If you have it , the above will give you some positive results.

Get some PH test strips from a heath food / supps store. Do saliva PH in the morning before food- it tells whats going on in digestive tract. Maybe adjust PH with certain foods if needed.

Low ph,to acidic , baking soda relieves.
High ph, to akalize, apple cider vineger relives.

Not enough acid can cause GERD too. If you body cant digest, its like a pissed off blender erupting so to speak!

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I had GERD for years and took every med known to man to try to eliminate it. It would get so bad sometimes, that I'd wake up in the night choking on the acid.   It was only after my hypo/Hashi was dx'd and I got on med, that I stopped having the GERD.  

Although I no longer have GERD, I *do* have the choking feeling in my throat.  Originally, when I was dx'd with Hashi, the ENT said the choking feeling was because my thyroid was swollen and inflamed.  After a while, the choking lessened considerably, though it was still there some.  Within the past few weeks, it (choking) has been really bad again; an ultra sound last week showed that my thyroid is swollen and inflamed again.   I believe this is also made  much worse by stress, of which I've had more than my share over the past few months.  

I'm upping my dose of selenium and I'm going to go back to the cool cloth on my neck and aleve - that's what helped before.

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