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Free T4 result ???

Hi everyone!  

I have been MIA for a while...   After going through a Complete Thyriodectomy/Parathyroidectomy, I have been through some changes. However, I just celebrated my "1 year post opp" I am feeling pretty good other than suffering from some insomnia.  

In addition; For the first time, my Free T4 test is out of the norm, is is a bit high...   it's a bit high.  My TSH is normal   Does anyone know what would cause a high T4 ???

Take care;  Sonflower
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If you had a total thyroidectomy and on T4 medication, it could be that you are taking too much medication.

What were your last lab results?
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Synthroid (or any thyroid med) is T4.  I would have a talk with the Doc. to see what is up with that.  I just hate that the doctors seem to be apathetic to thyroid disorders.  Maybe it is a lack of knowledge/education for treatment.  May be a correlation with the meds.  Is your T3 low?  
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