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Frustration causing Hashimoto episode

Anybody else experience a flare up of the old Hashimoto's disease when feeling frustrated? It seems I have no tolerance when face with frustration and then it can lead to a kind of panic attack and take me a while sitting by myself to calm down and get over it...reaching for some bed sheets on sale at Wal Mart caused me to experience this...took be a while to get over not being able to reach the sale sheets and trying and trying and then finally having success...i though "Geesh, they are only sheets"...this happens frequently. Get frustrated...go into manic mode then crash...........thoughts?
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Sorry about the typos...some writer I am. Better read over before posting...I know better. Forgive...please.
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Hi, I had to reply to your post. I, too have this disorder, and as I just posted to another reader that stress, frustration, illness and diet have a far great impact on those with Hashimoto's then simple thyroid suffers.  Also, I have heard and experienced many being mis-classified and mis-medicated as bi-polar due to these flare ups.  While nothing about this Immune Disorder is normal, this seems to be a normal part of the "fun".
I don't know what meds you are on, or the testing they provide, but I am about to embark upon a different approach.-Request the full test, if you can-Free T-3, Free T-4, Reverse T-3, TPO, thyorid Ab and an adrenal workup.
I have read that Armour Thyroid, assimilates better, and I am meeting with a holistic specialist to explore this route.  I wish you the best in this nightmare, and go super easy on yourself, because intolerance, irritiability and inability to cope with stress is a real big part of all of this.
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Sometimes I catch myself hollering or talking very loudly to my son when even just small situations arise. Its like any little thing will make my stress and tolerance explode. When it happens I immediately realize it and apologize. I do believe it just goes along with this auto immune disease. Stress is not a friend of ours. Hugs...Renee
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Gee, and I thought it was just my personality and the ineptitude of all the incompetents around me...!  LOL
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Ah yes, the effect of stress on the hashimoto's...I know exactly what you mean!  Stress is no friend!  

I find that I really need to find a way to keep myself calm and keep stress at an absolute minimum.  
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I used to think I could handle stress very well - years ago - and over the last 10 years discovered I was becoming less able to manage its effects on me. I know not everyone will agree that long term stress can trigger hashis - but I've read some articles from medical sources online that identify stress as a trigger.
I know I try in a very determined manner to reduce the stress in my life (which is very difficult with the economy, lay-offs at work, furlough days at work etc)
I know that when I am becoming stressed - my throat closes up - as though my thyroid gland swells - its the most bizarre thing but I swear, I feel like I am gagging the more worked up I feel!
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