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Gaining weight with Graves Disease!? don't know what to do!!

Hi everyone,

I'm 19 and I was diagnosed with graves disease about 6 months ago, I've had thyroid since I was 8 and was on mmedications for hyperthyroidism but now I have hypo and landed myself with graves disease.
I read online that usually people lose weight but I keep gaining weight is this normal? it's becoming really bad I've probably gained 25lbs in the past 3-4 months. I don't know what to do anymore I feel horrible every time I look at myself and I don't even want to go out anymore.. I always feel too tired to exercise. Everyone assumes I'm exaggerating but its not easy.. I just discovered this forum website today and thought it would be useful since there are others with graves out there. Any advice or help with weight loss or anything would be helpful. Thanks everyone!
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I lost no weight on the scales and was hyperthyroid for a year. I had severe insulin resistance (fat storing mode!) already but when I was hyperthyroid this condition worsened and I also develeped pre diabetes (impaired glucose intolerance).

Due to fast metabolism, I also depleted my stomach acid, my tooth enamel cracked off in various places, muscle atrophy (the body eating away my muscle and plenty of it!) and just near the end of that year a small dip of fat (looked very weird lol) showed up on the side of my abdomen (finally the body somehow managed to accessed a small section of fat). It's very difficult for the body to access the fat stores when insulin is high. VERY difficult.

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