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Getting my ARMOUR filled. ARGH

I wanted to ask any Armour people out there IF you are finding this senerio as I did yesterday.

It's a fact - and we know - that Forest LAbs is having a dosage shortage lately - I have had to take smaller tablet dosages to get my full Rx occassionally. BUT this is what really has me thinking.

I have a $10 co pay on all Rx's. BUT since the pharmacy can not get the 1 grain tablets I had to pay last month $20 co pay b/c my Rx was filled with 30mg (1/2 grains) for the month

Yesterday I couldn't get 1/2 grain - one grain or anything above. I was forced to get 15mg tablets which shot my co-pay up to $50 for a one month supply.

The insurance company bases the co pay on pill dosages and not the Rx. Trust me I called.

I'm feeling a bit of a conspiracy going on here. I know not many here are on Armour - but I was thinking of trying to contact the Colorado thyroid group and the site with Mary Shoman. I really think this is getting out of control.

I suppose I am first requesting any feedback from you all here first. Then I will see if I need to move forward on this.

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I don't take Armour, but do feel so bad for those who do during this shortage.  How the heck do you split a 15mg tablet into a small dose and be sure it's pretty accurate.

I have a ? for you ..... have you contacted a compounding pharmacy at all to see if A) they can compound it into a 30 day liquid supply if there is a recipe to do so and B) how much your insurance will pay for it that way if it i covered.

This happened with Voltaren when my daughter had arthritis many yrs ago and it was out of production for almost a year .. she went thru ev. other NSAID and ended up wit a small ulceration that to this day still bothers her with Motrin type products.  

Bottom line:  We are at their mercy and mayb a big hitter like the MS needs to step in with enough push from the Armour population.

But I'm not all that well versed since I take Synthroid.

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